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As an American Astronomical Society publication, Sky & Telescope welcomes your feedback. We’ve provided three webforms here for you to share your stories and suggestions with us. In the first form, we invite you to tell us how you first became interested in astronomy. In the second form, we encourage professional astronomers who could use amateur help to share their projects. And in the third form, we welcome your general feedback on the magazine, website, tours, virtual booth, and anything else you’d like to share with us.

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Share Your Story

Everybody has a story about how the astronomy bug bit them. What’s yours? Was it the sight of Saturn through a telescope? The enthusiasm of a mentor? Reading Sky & Telescope? Tell us what inspired you to become an astronomer.

By submitting your story, you agree to let us use it at our AAS virtual meeting booth, on our social media channels, and in future S&T content. But we will not share your name or contact info — those are just for us, in case we want to reach out to you about what you wrote.

Of course, you may choose to identify yourself by including your name in the story itself or at its end. That’s fine. We just won’t do it for you.

Need Amateur Help? Describe Your Project Here

Are you a professional astronomer dreaming of conducting a large-scale survey? Yearning for systematic, long-term monitoring of your favorite variable targets? Or maybe your field is in transients, and you’d like help quickly reacting to target-of-opportunity events?

We all know that obtaining telescope time is extremely competitive, and unless your institute runs its own facility, obtaining that time — and lots of it — is very difficult, if nigh impossible.

Well, did you know that there’s a whole fleet of amateurs out there with sophisticated, state-of-the-art equipment — some even have their own fully equipped backyard observatories — who are chomping at the bit for new and challenging projects?

If you’re already running or planning to run a program of this nature — large-scale survey, long-term monitoring, quick follow-ups of transient events — why don’t you hook up with an amateur? Sky & Telescope is here to help: Let us advertise your project to the amateur community.

Outline your project in the fields below — provide as much info as you see fit. The sky’s the limit.

Disclaimers: We’ll need to share your name, project website (if any), and contact information with the amateur community. We aim to run future stories on these projects in the magazine, but we’ll make sure we don’t breach any proprietary data restrictions. For this, we’ll work closely with you on any upcoming articles. We may also highlight individual submissions at our virtual booth.

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