We regret that subscriptions to Night Sky are no longer being accepted. The March/April 2007 issue was the final issue.

Beginning with Night Sky's premier issue in May/June 2004, its editors and writers have endeavored to provide a way to showcase the starry sky in a clear, simple way without technical jargon. It's the first magazine specifically for entry-level stargazers.

Of course, there's still plenty to see in the skies above — and a great guide to show you the way: Sky & Telescope magazine. For more than 60 years S&T has served stargazers worldwide as "The Essential Magazine of Astronomy." Its monthly issues are crammed with fascinating adventures in astronomy and observing guides — everything you'll need to explore the heavens. View what's in the latest issue and subscribe today.

Current subscribers to Night Sky will receive the same number of issues of Sky & Telescope as you would have received for the remainder of your Night Sky subscription beyond the March/April 2007 issue.

(Note: Back issues of Night Sky are still available.)