From Rate Card #53
Effective January 2012

Any costs exceeding normal production will be billed to the advertiser. Additional work includes the stripping in of type and photos, the resizing of ad material, reformatting electronic files, and correcting other errors. If such work is required, additional charges will be incurred; whenever possible, we will contact you before work is done.* Advertiser may not use an ad produced by us in any other media without written permission from Sky Publishing.

We have developed the following list of charges for these eventualities for your reference.

Service — Charge*

Minor Type or Design Revisions (up to 10 words, no font changes or text reflows) — $28.00

Major Type or Design Revisions — $84.00

* Note: These charges are those that we are charged by service bureaus. If charges exceed those listed, rates will be based on an hourly fee of $95. While we will do our best to inform you of such charges prior to having these tasks performed, please be aware that, depending on the nature of the problem and timing constraints due to our press deadlines, we may not be able to do this in every instance.

Note: Converting RGB files to CMYK sometimes results in an unavoidable color shift.

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