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Northern Lights of Finland: Check!

Sky & Telescope's latest tour to catch the aurorae was a fun-filled adventure in the northern reaches of Finland.


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10 U.S. Dark-Sky Parks You Need To Visit

There’s a simple rule for anyone searching for a dark sky; go somewhere others are not. The spread of LED lighting in North America over the past decade or so has worsened light pollution and skyglow in many previously dark locations. However, the vastness of the U.S. means there are…

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Road Tripping Space: Visiting Meteorites in Africa

Traveling through space can be a bumpy ride! Join Govert Schilling on a scenic road trip across southern Africa filled with craters and meteorites.

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Bright future for South African Astronomy

Govert Schilling chronicles his travels to astronomical observatories across South Africa, the future site of the Square Kilometre Array.

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The Incredible Skies of Namibia

Explore two unique astronomical sites that lie under the dark skies of Namibia - the HESS high-energy array and the Africa Millimeter Telescope.

Take an RV to see the total solar eclipse

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RV Guide to the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

If you’re planning on RVing your way to 2017's total solar eclipse, here's where you'll find some of the best campgrounds on the path of totality.

Telescope at Glendo School

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Eclipse 2017: Spotlight on Glendo, Wyoming

A small town with a population of 205 will be the destination for Sky & Telescope's Wyoming solar-eclipse tour in 2017.

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The Night of the Blazing Aurora

A group of about 40 intrepid souls from the U.S. and Australia hits pay dirt on a tour of Iceland

Aurora in Iceland

People, Places, and Events S&T's Iceland Tour"}'>

Auroras Aplenty on S&T's Iceland Tour

Senior contributing editor Bob Naeye recently led a Sky & Telescope tour of Iceland, where 50 astrotourists were treated to spectacular views of the Northern Lights.