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Orion SkyScanner and StarBlast reflectors

Telescopes: Guides & Recommendations

SkyScanner 100 vs. 4.5-inch StarBlast

How does the little $100 scope stack up against its venerable bigger brother?

Readying your new telescope

Telescopes: Guides & Recommendations

The Joy of Small Instruments

No photograph can compare with the experience of viewing Saturn directly — something that's possible with even the smallest telescopes.

Stargazing with Tony Flanders

Guest Blog: In Defence of GPS

A reader expounds the virtues of electronic navigation — for automobiles and telescopes.

Stargazing with Tony Flanders

Has Your Observing Site Gotten Brighter?

Measurements with a Sky Quality Meter indicate that none of the author's observing sites has gotten significantly brighter over the last 5 years.

Stargazing with Tony Flanders

Tunnel Vision Navigation

The key to maintaining your integrity and sanity in the computer age is to make sure that electronics are your servant, not your master.

Stargazing with Tony Flanders

A Road Map to the North America Nebula

Hanging high overhead on autmun evenings, the North America Nebula is the season's best — assuming that you have dark skies to enjoy it and a good roadmap to help you interpret it.

Woods lit by flashlight

Stargazing with Tony Flanders

Blinded by the Light

Flashlights create a little bubble of excellent visibility, at the cost of hiding the wider world.

Stargazing with Tony Flanders

Backcountry Stargazing Again

It's hard to find a legal wilderness campsite in the U.S. Northeast that has a decent view of the night sky. But when you do, it's well worth the effort.

Stargazing with Tony Flanders

Stargazing versus Hiking

It's not easy to reconcile the demands of strenuous backpacking by day and intensive stargazing at night.

Stargazing with Tony Flanders

Corrected Light-Pollution Atlas

New work indicates that the venerable and highly respected World Atlas of Aritifical Night Sky Brightness was systematically distorted by snow cover when the underlying satellite data was obtained.

Stargazing with Tony Flanders

Have You Seen TWAN?

The World at Night website features the world's finest photos of earthly scenes set against the background of the night sky.

Stargazing with Tony Flanders

Hobby Q&A

How far away can we detect exoplanets? How many stars are visible to the unaided eye? Read Hobby Q&A to find answers to these and other questions.

Stargazing with Tony Flanders

Mount Wilson: Old and New

Mount Wilson is home to two of the world's greatest old telescopes, and also to some cutting-edge technology.

Stargazing with Tony Flanders

RTMC 2010, Part II

Amateur telescope making still plays a central role in our hobby.

Stargazing with Tony Flanders

RTMC 2010: the 42-inch CDK

The Corrected Dall-Kirkham design makes it possible to view through a huge telescope with your feet planted solidly on the ground.

Stargazing with Tony Flanders

Palomar Observatory

Palomar Observatory is still alive and well 62 years after the famous 200-inch Hale Telescope became operational.

Stargazing with Tony Flanders

RTMC 2010, Part I

For the first time in its history, the Riverside Telescope Maker's Conference was held at new Moon instead of on Memorial Day weekend. That allowed some wonderful views of galaxies under surprisingly dark skies.

Stargazing with Tony Flanders

Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory takes full advantage of Los Angeles's extraordinary natural advantages as a site for astronomy.

Choosing Your Astronomy Equipment

Travel Scopes

It's tough to reconcile all the different constraints placed on a telescope for the airplane-traveling stargazer.

Stargazing with Tony Flanders

2001, A Space Odyssey

A movie released in 1968 predicted that spaceflight ten years ago would be far more advanced than it actually is today. Why?

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