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Heart of America Star Party

Our Dark Sky Site is just that – really dark.  Please come join us for some pleasant time under the Kansas stars, with some good ‘ol KC BBQ, a few good speakers, and perhaps some historical side trips. Electrical hook-ups are free. October 7-10, 2021 at our Dark Sky Site, 75 miles south of Kansas […]

Will Joyce - The outer planets

8th October 2021 : Virtual presentation by ZOOM In this presentation Will summarises our current understanding of the outer planets in our Solar System and their most interesting natural satellites using recent imagery from telescopes and spacecraft. The atmospheres, interiors and local space environments of the gas and ice giant planets will be discussed along […]


International Astronomy & Space Science Olympiad ( IASSO) 2021-22

Online - Live stream Flagstaff

International Astronomy & Space Science Olympiad (IASSO 2021-22) is planned by the emerging educational organisation Astronomy World: Education & Research Organization. Astronomy & Space Science Olympiad is all About the […]


Introduction to Astronomy


Astronomy is intimately connected to our most basic need; the quest to know where we fit in the grand scheme of things. We’re lucky to live in a time when we’ve come to understand the basic rules of planetary motion, stellar evolution, and the origin of the universe. We still strive to reach further. Fortunately, […]


Stargazing at Brockholes with Robert Ince

Brockholes Nature Reserve Samlesbury, Preston

Local Astronomer Robert Ince will be your guide taking you on an incredible journey through the constellations and along the Milky Way while also showing you how to find all sorts of heavenly objects for yourself. View some of the skies wonders through powerful telescopes and binoculars. These are all operated by local astronomers, who […]