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SEC2007 International Solar Eclipse Conference

August 24, 2007 @ 12:00 am - August 26, 2007 @ 12:00 am EDT

The International Solar Eclipse Conference (SEC2007) will be held in the renovated Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, USA.
Please read all pages carefully on our webstie and follow the instructions given to register.

The SEC2007 webpages are still under construction and the program is still preliminary. Information on the hotel, including group bookings
code is on the SEC2007 WebPages above. Note the special SEC2007 rate is for Friday night and Saturday night only. You can book your hotel
from now onwards. Number of reserved rooms is limited. Please deal directly with the hotel.

Our speakers list:
Bob Morris
“Solar Eclipses: From ‘0’ to 74 minutes of ‘totality’ in 61 years”

Claudio Carlos Mallamaci
Observatorio Astronómico Félix Aguilar, Universidad Nacional de San Juan, Argentina
“The total Solar Eclipse of November 3, 1994: A successful educational experience”

Dava Sobel
Writer, USA
*Copernicus and solar eclipses

David Dunham
“Solar radius variations determined from observations near the edges of central eclipse paths”

David Levy
“Eclipses as Inspiration: Using the eclipse experience to inspire an interest in astronomy”

Ed C. Krupp
Griffith Observatory, USA
*Ancient solar eclipses and accounts

Fred Espenak
Goddard Space Flight Center , USA
“Five Millennium Canon of Solar Eclipses: -1999 to +3000”

Gernot Meiser & Pascale Demi

Jay Anderson
“Weather and Where: Eclipse Weather for 2008, 2009, and 2010”

Glenn Schneider
Tucson, USA
"Up, up, and away - Chasing the Umbra into the Stratosphere (and Beyond)"

Jay M. Pasachoff
Williams College, USA
“The 2005 and 2006 total and annular eclipses and the 2006 transit of Mercury”

Jean-Luc Dighaye
EurAstro, Germany
“EurAstro and the pro-am collaboration at eclipses”

John Tilley & Xavier Jubier
UK, France
“Solar Eclipse Mapping & Predictions - On and Off the Web”

Joel Harris
Westlake Village, California, USA
“Three Decades of Chasing the Shadow - A Personal Perspective”

John E. Westfall
Professor Emeritus of Geography at San Francisco State University, USA
“A 20-Year Barrage of Transits: 1999-2019”

Kenneth J. H. Phillips
Mullard Space Science Laboratory, University College London, U.K.
“Searching for fast changes in the corona during eclipses”

Landon Curt Noll
“The search for Vulcanoid Asteroids”

Marcel Belik
Observatory Upice, Czech Republic
“Dynamic of coronal structures from numerical processed total solar eclipse pictures”
“Dynamic of polar streamers during 2006 eclipse”

Mike Simmons
Mount Wilson Observatory Association, California, USA
“A Century of Solar Observing at Mount Wilson Observatory”

Miloslav Druckmüller
Czech Republic
“New image processing techniques in eclipse photography”

Philip Veerman
Monash University and the Bird Observers Club of Australia
*Animal (birds) behaviour during solar eclipses

Ralph Chou
University of Waterloo, Canada
“Eclipse eye safety update”

Raymond Brooks
Star Engineering, Arizona Sky Village, Observatory Name “Consideration”, USA
“The intersection point and immediate area of the figure-8 loops for such solar eclipses”

Richard Woo
NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, in Pasadena, California, USA
“Coronal Imaging and the Solar Wind”

Serge Koutchmy
Institut d'astrophysique de Paris- CNRS, France
“Progress on high resolution imaging and spectroscopy during the last total eclipses”

Stephen J. Edberg
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California, USA
“Choosing and Viewing: A Thinking Observer's Guide to Eclipse Site Selection and Observations”

Tony Misch
Lick Observatory, USA
“In the Shadow of the Moon: The Lick Observatory Eclipse Expeditions”

Vojtech Rusin
“Small-scale structure in the eclipse corona and the 29 March 2006 eclipse - from Niger to Turkey”

William C. Livingston
Astronomer/Emeritus, National Solar Observatory/NOAO, USA
“Sailing to Tahiti on board the Goodwill: The American-French Eclipse Expedition of 1965”

Zoran Mikic
Science Applications International Corporation, USA
“Modelling and predicting the solar corona”

Looking forward to meeting you in August!


August 24, 2007 @ 12:00 am
August 26, 2007 @ 12:00 am


USA - California
California USA
(626) 793-5100


Patrick Poitevin