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UCLA Extension Special: Einstein - The Man and His Legacy

November 1, 2008 @ 12:00 am - November 2, 2008 @ 12:00 am EDT

In cooperation with the Griffith Observatory, Friends of the Observatory (FOTO), and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
UCLA Extension presents

Einstein: The Man and His Legacy
Saturday and Sunday, Nov 1 and 2nd
UCLA Campus: 147 Dodd Hall
Fee: $130

Join physicist, Alan Friedman, and an astronomer, Andrew Fraknoi,--both with a flair for explaining scientific ideas in everyday language--for a weekend exploration of Einstein's astonishing ideas of space, time, matter, energy, and the atom.

Designed for people without a significant knowledge of science, this program emphasizes ideas not equations. Presentations are augmented by demonstrations, videos, and images from the world's largest telescopes.

Topics include

-Einstein's Life: The education of a genius, his escape from Nazism and refuge in the U.S;

-Fables about Einstein: Was he responsible for the atomic bomb? Did he believe everything is relative?;

-The Special Theory of Relativity: New concepts of space, time, and motion; E = mc2:

-What does the famous equation really mean?;

-Einstein's Influence: How has Einstein's life and work affected the public view of science and scientists?;

-The General Theory of Relativity: A new "cosmic" explanation of gravity and ideas of warped space-time;

-Relativity and the Universe: Black holes, super black holes, and gravity lenses;

-Quantum Mechanics: Does God play dice with the universe?

-The Uncertainty Principle of atomic physics;

-Einstein and Literature: A look at the novels and stories that use Einstein's work to extend the boundaries of fiction.

Special Program Features

Participants receive an annotated reading list.

The program includes time for Q&A as well as music inspired by Einstein's work.

Program Presenters
Andrew Fraknoi, MA, 2007 California Professor of the Year, Carnegie Foundation; Chair, Astronomy Department, Foothill College; Senior Educator, Astronomical Society of the Pacific; lead author, Voyages through the Universe, one of the leading college astronomy textbooks; editor of two collections of science and science fiction for Bantam Books. Mr. Fraknoi appears regularly on local and national radio, interpreting astronomical ideas for nonscientists.

The International Astronomical Union has named Asteroid 4859 Asteroid Fraknoi to recognize his contributions to the popularization of science.

Alan Friedman, PhD, former director (for over two decades), New York Hall of Science, New York's public science-technology center. Under Dr. Friedman's direction, the Hall won special recognition for its work in encouraging new technologies, creating new models of teacher training, and evaluating the effectiveness of informal science learning.

He co-authored Einstein as Myth and Muse (Cambridge University Press) and received the AAAS Award for the Public Understanding of Science and Technology and the New York City Mayor's Award for Excellence in Science and Technology.

For more information, please call 310-825-7093


November 1, 2008 @ 12:00 am
November 2, 2008 @ 12:00 am


USA - California
California USA
(626) 793-5100


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