Watch senior editor Dennis di Cicco's interviews with vendors at the October 2013 event.

The 2013 Advanced Imaging Conference was held in Santa Clara, California this past October, with presenters and attendees alike traveling from around the globe to share the latest in deep-sky imaging techniques. The three-day event brings together some of the most prominent astrophotography in the field today.

A well-attended session during the 2011 Advanced Imaging Conference in Santa Clara, California.

In addition to series of workshops covering all aspects of the latest trends in astronomical imaging and a full schedule of talks, another highlight of the meeting was the vendor exhibits, where attendees got a close look at the latest imaging technology. I conducted video interviews with equipment manufacturers who are at the cutting-edge of today’s astrophotography renaissance.

Click on one of the names below to watch my in-depth interview with the corresponding vendor.

PlaneWave Instruments

PlaneWave Professional Services


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