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Two Amateurs Share Comet Award

Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams (CBAT) gives awards to comet hunters.

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Chicago's Controversial Ray of Light

Chicago's Palmolive Building plans to feature a 7 billion candlepower light. Local Amateur Astronomers are concerned.

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Young Astronomers Honored

John Davis is seen here with one of his custom-machined German equatorial telescope mounts. Davis won the top prize for the Astronomical League's 2004 National Young Astronomer Award.Courtesy Astronomical League. Each year since 1993 the Astronomical League has recognized outstanding astronomy achievements by US high-school students through its National Young…


How Yuji Hyakutake Found His Comet

Ever wonder how somebody actually finds a comet, and what happens when he does? Here's one astronomer's story.

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Amateur Shoots Mars "Picture of the Year"

Wally Pacholka captured this view of Mars — later named one of TIME magazine's Pictures of the Year.

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Columbia Astronauts Memorialized in Space

On August 6th, the seven astronauts killed in the Space Shuttle Columbia tragedy were honored with minor planets.

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Student's Asteroid Project Wins Intel Award

A high-school junior studying asteroids has won the country's most prestegious science fair award.

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Comet Award Winners for 2003

Five individuals will share the fifth annual Edgar Wilson Award for amateur comet discovery.

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Aurora and Leviathan Highlight German Star Party

Patterned after the Stellafane convention in the US, the Internationales Teleskoptreffen Vogelsberg (ITV) drew a record crowd of more than 2,000 astronomy enthusiasts to Stumpertenrod, Germany.Photo by Guido Stein. One of the largest star parties of Europe, the International Telescope Meeting Vogelsberg (Internationales Teleskoptreffen Vogelsberg, or ITV) drew a huge…

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For Sale: Exoplanet Hunting Expedition

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific will auction a trip to Hawaii to join Geoff Marcy in hunting extrasolar planets.

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Asteroid Hunters Receive Grants

Amateur astronomers from around the world have earned funds to continue their asteroid monitoring programs.

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Hilo Club Wins S&T Astronomy Day Award

With an estimated attendance of more than 12,000, the Hilo [Hawaii] Astronomy Club showed that Astronomy Day activities can draw large crowds.

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Asteroid Hunters Receive Grants

Five amateur astronomers specializing in the observation and early detection of Earth-crossing asteroids and comets were each awarded Shoemaker Near-Earth Object Grants from the Planetary Society.

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Comet Award Winners for 2002

Seven observers have won the 2002 Edgar Wilson Award for comet discoveries by amateur astronomers.

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New Amateur Comets

A pair of amateur astronomers have visually spotted a new comet cruising through Aquila.