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Naperville Astronomical Association (NAA)


Naperville, IL


Rick Gering










Naperville Astronomical Association is a non-profit astronomy club whose 200+ members have a common interest in exploring the universe beyond our planet, both visually and academically, and sharing that exploration with others.  Formed as a high school science club in 1973, NAA has been open to public membership since 1975.  Our main monthly meeting generally features an outside speaker from the professional astronomy community, usually from a nearby university or research facility, addressing some aspect of current astronomical science; a second monthly meeting features a club member or other amateur addressing some aspect of observational astronomy.  The club built and operates an observatory complex consisting of a domed building with a 16” club-designed reflecting telescope on a German equatorial mount, and a roll-off roof observatory with a 12.5” reflector on a club-built equatorial fork mount.  The 12.5” mirror was reground by a club member to optimize its use with a club-designed video system that allows us to display deep sky objects as faint as mag 17 galaxies (and less challenging targets as well) on wall-mounted video monitors in real time.  The public is invited to attend both of our monthly meetings free of charge, as well as twice-monthly public nights held all year ‘round at our observatory site.  Other dark-site locations are available for club members’ use, along with a 500 book astronomy library.  We also publish a monthly newsletter and schedule between 50 and 60 off-site stargazing and STEM events each year, most of which are sponsored by schools, park districts, scout groups, and other local organizations large and small.

Most events and meetings are free and open to the public, including events at our observatories as well as downtown Naperville, schools, and other group locations.

Speakers are often from Fermilab, Argonne National Laboratory, Adler Planetarium, Northwestern University, and other locations doing astronomy research.

See our web page for a complete calendar.

You can also find the NAA on Facebook and Twitter.


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