Dear Astronomy Vendor:

Click here to download a publication-quality EPS file.


Congratulations on having one or more of your products recognized by the editors of Sky & Telescope as a Hot Product for 2010!

To download a publication-quality EPS graphic of our Hot Products icon, click on the text under one of the GIF images at right. The corresponding EPS file will open in a new pop-up window; save the file to your computer's disk. Then open it in Adobe Photoshop or any other image-processing program capable of handling EPS files with transparent pixels (see below).

If you try to view one of the EPS images in your Web browser, it probably won't look right, because browsers and their helper applications don't always process transparent pixels correctly. So save the file and open it in a suitable image-viewing program instead.

Click here to download a publication-quality EPS file.


The GIF images displayed on this page are suitable for use on your Web site; just right click (on a Mac, press Control and click) on the icon and save a copy to your disk.

Alternatively, click on one of the items below:

All versions of these graphics have transparent pixels around the edges. If they don't come through that way, or if you aren't sure how to work with image transparency, please contact our Advertising Production Coordinator, Kristin Burke, at 855-638-5388 x2132,

Note that these icons are not to be used in print or online before Wednesday, November 18, 2009, when Sky & Telescope's January 2010 issue begins arriving in subscribers' mailboxes. You may use the icon in your advertisements in S&T beginning with the February 2010 issue, whose materials deadline is November 9, 2009.

Note also that if you did not receive a letter of congratulations directly from Sky & Telescope, you are not authorized to download or display our Hot Product icons. In addition, altering this logo in any way is expressly prohibited.

If you have any questions (except about the graphics, as noted above), please contact Peter Hardy at 855-638-5388 x2133,; or Lester Stockman at 855-638-5388 x2135,

Thanks, and again, congratulations!