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Star Trails: Long-Exposure Nightscape Live Webinar

Attend our live webinar on star trail nightscape photography with Babak Tafreshi and learn the tricks for capturing star trails that stand out from the pack.

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Live Webinar: Nightscape Photography Guide 2019

Prepare for the most photogenic sky events of 2019 — join Sky & Telescope's live webinar on Thursday, January 10th at 1:00 p.m. EDT with Babak Tafreshi.

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Gifts for the Astronomer: 2018 Top Editors' Picks

Searching for that perfect astronomy-themed gift for a friend or loved one? Look no further, we've got you covered, with globes, atlases, calendars, and much more! Top 5 Editors' Picks 1. Celestial Globe ($99.95) This 12-inch freestanding globe allows you to explore the stars with an “inside-out” perspective that closely…

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Live Webinar: PixInsight Boot Camp 2

Join astrophotographer Richard S. Wright Jr. along with Sky & Telescope's Associate Editor Sean Walker for the continuation of a turbocharged quick-start baptism into PixInsight image-processing software. Building on the first Boot Camp webinar’s philosophy of making “soup, not a soufflé,” Richard continues the process now from calibrated and aligned…

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Live Webinar: PixInsight Boot Camp

Join astrophotographer Richard S. Wright Jr. along with Sky & Telescope's Associate Editor Sean Walker as they help you navigate the powerful image-processing program PixInsight.

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Live Webinar: Create Great Panoramas of the Night Sky

Join Babak Tafreshi's live webinar as he shares his personal techniques for stitching together stunning nightscape panoramas. Do you like the appearance of ultra-wide-field panoramas of the Milky Way, and wonder how you can take shots like them yourself? Then attend this live webinar to learn how to take these…

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Live Webinar: Editing Nightscape Images

Learn how to edit and process your own nightscape astrophotos using the latest and most popular software.

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Join Our Live Webinar: Choose the Right Camera for Astrophotography

Join Richard S. Wright Jr. along with Sky & Telescope's Equipment Editor Sean Walker as they help you pick the right camera for astrophotography.

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Join S&T's Live Webinar for Deep-Sky Imaging

Learn how to get the most out of your astro-imaging equipment with this informative live webinar hosted by S&T contributing editor Richard S. Wright, Jr.

South America eclipse map

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S&T Webinar: When’s the Next Solar Eclipse?

If you loved seeing August's solar eclipse and are eager to see another one, don't miss this live webinar on upcoming total and annular solar eclipses.

Sara Seager

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S&T Webinar: Sara Seager on Exoplanets

Join renowned MIT researcher Sara Seager for a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at how we're readying the technology to find and study planets like Earth

Chile tour with Gemini telescope

Sky & Telescope Promotions S&T's Adventures in Chile"}'>

S&T's Adventures in Chile

Sky & Telescope's third tour to this astronomical paradise in South America wowed its participants day and night. Here's what they saw!

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New Webinar: How to Photograph the Milky Way with Babak Tafreshi

Join Sky & Telescope Contributing Photographer Babak Tafreshi for a live webinar to learn the secrets of stunning Milky Way photography.

Andes in Chile

Sky & Telescope Promotions S&T's 2017 Astronomy Tour in Chile"}'>

Last Call for S&T's 2017 Astronomy Tour in Chile

Don't miss the chance to see world-class observatories by day and the amazing southern sky by night during next month's astronomy and stargazing tour in Chile.

Alan Stern with Pluto bumper sticker

Sky & Telescope Promotions S&T's Next Live Webinar!"}'>

Join Alan Stern in S&T's Next Live Webinar!

No matter what your level of interest in planetary exploration, you won't want to miss S&T's live webinar on Saturday, January 28th. Hear Alan Stern's personal take on how NASA's New Horizons spacecraft got to Pluto and what we learned once it got there.

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Astrophotography Webinar: High-Resolution Planetary Imaging

Interested in capturing stunning images of the Moon and planets? Join S&T's live astrophotography webinar on Monday, November 21st, and learn what it takes.

Northern Lights, Iceland

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The S&T Iceland Tour: Auroras and Adventure

Observing Editor JR Johnson-Roehr recently joined a group of astro-tourists in Iceland for the 2016 Sky & Telescope northern lights tour

2017 eclipse track with partial phases

Sky & Telescope Promotions S&T Webinar: Get Ready for 2017's Total Solar Eclipse"}'>

S&T Webinar: Get Ready for 2017's Total Solar Eclipse

Mark your calendar for Wednesday, November 9th, when you'll get great background info and travel tips for America's coast-to-coast total solar eclipse.

Total Solar Eclipse

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Experience the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse with S&T in Wyoming!

Wondering where to go to witness next year's total solar eclipse? Sky & Telescope is proud to offer a newly developed tour based in eastern Wyoming.

Babak Tafreshi nightscape

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New Astrophotography Webinar: Nightscapes with Babak Tafreshi

Capture stunning nightscapes with expert advice from Babak Tafreshi - join our live webinar on Monday, August 22nd.