The gemstone of the night sky, Saturn, is tucked between the Crab and the Lion this April.

S&T Diagram

With April upon us, the evenings are finally getting warm enough for most of us to comfortably observe the heavens without fear of frostbite. And when you do go out, the skies won't disappoint. But be sure to download Sky & Telescope executive editor Kelly Beatty's monthly podcast before you venture outdoors.

This month Kelly highlights celestial carnivores on the prowl in the eastern sky after sunset. You'll learn how to find them — and a bit about their mythology. It's also a great time to go on patrol for bright planets. You get all the information you'll need to spot Venus and the ringed gem of the night sky, Saturn. Finally, Kelly fills you in on a worldwide celebration called Astronomy Day.

Go grab your MP3 player, head outside, and enjoy the wonders that await tonight.


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