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Moon, Venus, Antares at dusk, Oct. 9-10, 2021

This Week's Sky At a Glance

This Week's Sky at a Glance, October 8 – 16

The crescent Moon returns to the evening sky, passing Venus, then the Saturn and Jupiter pair. Venus itself passes Delta Sco and then Antares. Auroras may shimmer, the Draconids may sputter; the sky never ceases to call.

Moon-Venus Oct 9-10 2021

Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast

October: Three Planets at Dusk

Take advantage of October's crisp, clear evenings and early-arriving dawns to explore the nighttime sky with our audio guided tour.

Waning Moon passing Regulus at dawn, Oct. 2-3, 2021

This Week's Sky At a Glance

This Week's Sky at a Glance, October 1 – 9

Venus shines in twilight; watch Antares and the head of Scorpius slide toward it. Check out Jupiter, and hop from Saturn to two binocular double stars. The evenings are dark for deep-sky observing; the waning Moon crosses Leo before dawn.

Conflagration, Expansion and Fade


Comet 29P Undergoes Brightest Outburst in Recent Years

Catch one of the most active small bodies in the solar system during a rare superoutburst.

Cassiopeia open clusters map

Explore the Night with Bob King

Cassiopeia Cornucopia — Pretty Little Clusters All in a Row

See nine unique open clusters in Cassiopeia while barely moving your telescope.

Jupiter and Saturn in Capricornus, late Sept. 2021

This Week's Sky At a Glance

This Week's Sky at a Glance, Sept. 24 – Oct. 2

Jupiter and Saturn shine in the south-southeast at dusk, Venus low in the southwest. They're all close to the ecliptic, so a straight line from Jupiter through Saturn points almost exactly to Venus. Don't believe it? Stretch a string tightly between your hands wide apart, hold it up to the three planets, and see for yourself!


Night Sky Sights

The Last Wildflowers: Globular Clusters Greet Autumn

These four globular clusters are easy to find in autumn skies and a perfect way to welcome the season.

Moon under Saturn and Jupiter, Sept. 16-18, 2021

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This Week's Sky at a Glance, September 17 – 25

The waxing gibbous Moon shines with Jupiter and Saturn on its way to full. And as summer turns to fall, Deneb replaces Vega as the zenith star after dusk.

Possible Jovian impact flash

Explore the Night with Bob King

Amateurs Spot New Impact Flash at Jupiter

An amateur astronomer has discovered a possible new impact flash in Jupiter's equatorial region. Observers may yet see the dark impact scar.

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This Week's Sky at a Glance, September 10 – 18

The evening Moon steps eastward over Scorpius as it waxes through first quarter. All four giant planets await your telescope in early to late evening.

Counting stars during the pandemic

Stargazer's Corner: Adventures Under the Night Sky

The Pandemic and Light Pollution

Student Kathryn Huth set out to conduct astronomical experiments when she noticed that — amidst the pandemic — she could see more stars in the sky.

Venus and Mercury in twilight, Sept. 5, 2021

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This Week's Sky at a Glance, September 3 – 11

Spica glimmers demurely under showy Venus in the western twilight. Try for Mercury way down to their lower right. Jupiter and Saturn dominate the evening south.

Comet 4P/Faye and tail

Night Sky Sights

Making Time for Morning Comets

If you like mixing comets with the quietude of observing in the small hours, September opens with five fuzzy vagabonds just waiting for a visit.

Guide to the Summer Triangle

Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast

Summer Triangle Overhead

The calendar might say “September,” but now is the perfect time to explore the Summer Triangle. Find your way with this month’s Sky Tour podcast.

Gamma Cassiopeia

Celestial Objects to Observe

Meet Gamma Cassiopeiae, the Classic Eruptive Variable

Gamma Cassiopeia may lack a proper name, but the middle star of the "W"-shape constellation is worth finding on the sky.

Jupiter and Saturn in Capricornus, early Sept. 2021

This Week's Sky At a Glance

This Week's Sky at a Glance, Aug. 27 – Sept. 4

Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn are all getting a little higher in early evening. Vega passes the zenith soon after dark; Deneb does so two hours later. Andromeda is up in the east.

Moon under Saturn and Jupiter, Aug. 20-21, 2021

This Week's Sky At a Glance

This Week's Sky at a Glance, August 20 – 28

Jupiter and Saturn are just past opposition, so they dominate the sky all night. They inhabit dim Capricornus, which pushes Sagittarius westward. Venus, even showier, owns the western twilight but sets by full darkness.

Jupiter, Ganymede, Europa and double shadows, March 25, 2019

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The 12-Year Cycle of Jupiter Oppositions

Jupiter is at opposition on August 19th. If we take the long view — 12 years long — we can watch Jupiter's oppositions as it passes through the zodiac constellations.

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It’s the Blue Moon . . . the “True” Blue Moon!

If skies are clear this weekend, you'll see the full Moon. And not just any old full Moon, but the Blue Moon . . . the "true" Blue Moon!

Jupiter and GRS

Explore the Night with Bob King

Jupiter Dazzles at Its Brightest and Closest This Year

Jupiter comes to opposition on August 20th, when it will shine brighter and closer than at any other time this year. With nights starting earlier and cooler temperatures arriving, there's no better time to make the most of the planet.