There are three banner ad sizes — all of which appear in different places on the page.

The Billboard is our largest size online ad and it always appears at the very top of the Web page. Unlike the other unit sizes which appear at the bottom of each page, the Billboard will immediately be seen when a visitor opens a Web page. It commands a higher price because of its prominent position and also because it's relatively large and offers more room to deliver images and messages.

The Standard Banner will always be positioned at the bottom of the page — in the center.

Each Web page will have two slots where Buttons can appear — at the bottom to either the right or the left of the Standard Banner ad.

Online Ad Dimensions



(Left or Right)
Dimensions 728 X 60 468 X 60 120 X 60
Max. File Size 36 k 24 k 6 k
JPEG or GIF Yes Yes Yes
For Animated GIFs:
Max Frames 6 6 6
Max Loops 4 Unlimited Unlimited
Min Frame Pause 2 seconds 2 seconds 2 seconds
Min Last Frame 4 seconds 4 seconds 4 seconds

Click-Through Link: Please supply a specific link where you want "click-throughs" to go. For greater success, we recommend that you link your ad to a place on your site that expands on what your ad promotes.

Color Palette: 216-color Web-safe palette is recommended as these are compatible with Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers version 3.0 and up. (Utilizing this will enable other people to see an ad that more closely resembles what you created instead of something different.)

Aesthetics: Online ads can incorporate flashing graphics and animation as attention-getting devices. When tastefully executed, ads that incorporate these techniques can be very effective. But take care to not turn people off by making your ads too loud or obnoxious.

Where to send materials
Online banner advertising files can be e-mailed to or supplied on disk to:

Lester Stockman
Sky Publishing Corporation
90 Sherman St.
Cambridge, MA 02140, U.S.A.
Phone: 617- 864-7360, ext. 135
Fax: 617-864-6117