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The Sun Gets a "Moon Bite" on June 10th

Skywatchers west of the Mississippi will see the Moon slide across the face of the Sun — covering more than half of it from many locations.

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Dance of the Planets Reaches Crescendo

During the first half of May, all five bright, naked-eye planets — Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn — are well placed for viewing in the western twilight sky about an hour after sunset.

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Planets Dance for Annual Astronomy Celebration

The five naked-eye planets have gathered in the western sky after sunset — just in time for "Astronomy Day" on April 20th.

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Bright Comet Meets Bright Galaxy

April 1, 2002 Contacts: Roger W. Sinnott, Senior Editor 855-638-5388 x146, rsinnott@SkyandTelescope.com Alan M. MacRobert, Senior Editor 855-638-5388 x151, macrobert@SkyandTelescope.com   Note to Editors/Producers: This release is accompanied by four publication-quality illustrations; see details below. Amateur astronomers throughout the Northern Hemisphere have marked Thursday, April 4th, on their calendars. That…

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A Bright Comet Returns — 341 Years Later

Independently discovered by two amateur skygazers, Comet Ikeya-Zhang is now passing near Earth on its first return visit since the time of Sir Isaac Newton.

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Moon to Cover Saturn on February 20th

Wednesday evening's lunar occultation of Saturn offers a prime-time viewing opportunity for North Americans.

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