Join Babak Tafreshi's live webinar as he shares his personal techniques for stitching together stunning nightscape panoramas.

Do you like the appearance of ultra-wide-field panoramas of the Milky Way, and wonder how you can take shots like them yourself? Then attend this live webinar to learn how to take these unique photographs.

Achieving high resolution and wide fields of view are the main reasons for digitally stitched panoramas and mosaics. But from a compositional point of view, the panoramic format gives a unique framework for nightscape photography, from the starlit sky above a picturesque mountain range, to the Milky Way over a strip of desert sand dunes. While fast wide-angle lenses can do some of the work, their field of view is inadequate to capture ultra-wide scenes such as the full arch of the Milky Way, zodiacal light, or the largest constellations. Panoramic imaging lets you have both the light-collection power of these lenses as well as ultra-wide fields of view. Learn how Babak creates some of his most iconic images using the panoramic method and how you can create 360-degree views of the sky and turn them into "virtual realities" based on the same techniques.

Join Sky & Telescope's live webinar to ask him questions about your specific situation.That's Tuesday, August 28th at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (15:00 UT). Price: $29.99

Buy the webinar in our online store, and you'll receive an email to register for the event. Each registration also comes with access to the archived version of the program and materials for one year. You don’t have to attend the live event to get a recording of the presentation. But if you do, you can chat with Richard and ask questions. Any questions not addressed during the live presentation will be included in a follow-up email.

What You'll Learn

A brief introduction to camera settings for properly exposed nightscape images
Suggested equipment for nightscape panoramas
Suggested targets and creative ideas
How to stitch and edit the panoramas
Creating 360-degree panorama and Virtual Realities

Who Should Attend

Serious photographers and hobbyists with little knowledge of astrophotography
Daytime photographers interested in learning how to shoot the night sky
General travel enthusiasts interested in photography
Amateur astronomers interested in learning to take nightscape photos
Advanced nightscape photographers with specific questions

About the Instructor: Babak A. Tafreshi

Sky & Telescope contributing photographer Babak Tafreshi, a National Geographic photographer and leader of The World at Night program, is a master at nightscape imaging by mBabak Tafreshierging art, culture, and science. His images reconnect people across the globe with the beauty of the night sky and the value of preserving natural nights.

Babak is also a science journalist, photo ambassador for the European Southern Observatory (ESO), and a board member of Astronomers Without Borders (AWB). Born in Tehran, he is now based in the Boston area but could be anywhere on the planet seeking starscapes to photograph. In the past two decades he has spent about a thousand nights imaging under stars on seven continents. For his global contribution to night-sky photography, Babak received the 2009 Lennart Nilsson Award, the world’s most recognized award for scientific photography at the time.

How Does the Webinar Work?

Each registration comes with access to the archived version of the program and any materials for one year. You don’t have to attend the live event to get a recording of the presentation. You’ll receive a copy of the webinar presentation in an email that goes out a week after the live event. In all Sky & Telescope webinars, no question goes unanswered. Attendees have the ability to chat with the instructor during the live event and ask questions, and any questions not covered in the live presentation will be included in the follow-up email as well.

The webinar is broadcast via the Internet, using GoToWebinar, with live audio delivered through your computer speakers or over your telephone. The live webinar’s visual presentation is displayed directly from the Presenter's computer to your computer screen. The Q&A is managed through a chat-style submission system with questions being read and answered by the Presenter for the entire class to hear. In the event that some questions are not answered during the live session, an e-mail with questions and answers will be sent to all webinar attendees. By attending the live webinar and asking questions, your full name may be stated during the live event and captured in the recording.

What Equipment Do I Need?

All you need is a computer or other device and an Internet connection. You’ll be able to view the presentation and listen to the audio over computer speakers; however, you’ll enjoy better audio quality if you use a telephone. For complete system requirements, see this page.

You can check your system’s compatibility automatically before the live webinar by visiting this page.

Don't forget: Tuesday, August 28th at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Price: $29.99. Sign up here!


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