rss_iconWhat is an RSS feed?

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary, and is also often called Really Simple Syndication. It's basically a way to keep up to date on the latest news from your favorite websites. We offer RSS feeds on every category of the website — all you have to do is add "/rss" to any URL you want to subscribe to. RSS is best accessed through a news reader/aggregator, and we suggest several options for reading RSS feeds here.

How to subscribe to Sky & Telescope's RSS feeds

NOTE: Sky & Telescope's RSS feeds have recently been updated to use rather than The feeds will automatically redirect, but if you have entered the feed URL manually in your reader or website, please try updating it to use .com if it is not working.

The feed you choose to subscribe to depends on the news you want, from astronomy and night sky news, to observing techniques and astronomy resources and education. Here are some of the most popular sections of the website:

  • Astronomy News - Read news from the world of astronomy, from the latest research to the latest celestial event.
  • Night Sky News - What's up in the sky tonight? We'll post articles on every major meteor shower, solar or lunar eclipse, solar flare, and other celestial events here.
  • This Week's Sky at a Glance - A daily calendar for the night's best sights, updated once a week. Find out what constellations reign the sky and when planets are visible.
  • SkyTour Podcast - Contributing editor Kelly Beatty surveys the night sky every month. Download the podcast and treat yourself to a personally guided tour under the stars.
  • Explore the Night with Bob King - weekly blogger Bob King invites you to an observing adventure. All you have to do is look up.
  • Observing Tips & Techniques - Get ideas on how to catch an aurora, observe the Sun, and photograph celestial wonders.
  • Astronomy Resources & Education - Your one-stop shop for learning the basics of the hobby, from frequently asked questions to stargazing activities you can do with your kids (and grandkids too).