Lunar Photo of the Day

Charles Wood

Lunar scientist and Sky & Telescope columnist Charles A. Wood teamed up with amateur astronomer Maurice J. S. Collins to produce The 21st Century Atlas of the Moon ($29.95). This spiral-bound atlas is based on global maps derived from Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter images. It divides the lunar nearside into 28 sections, plus it has an additional 8 charts that depict the limb regions visible from Earth during favorable librations. Each full-page chart is accompanied by notes explaining which Lunar 100 targets are visible. The book also provides close-up highlights of major features with pertinent geological and historical information. Four full Moon maps are also included, as are sections on lunar basins, mare ridges, and the landing sites of the Apollo missions and robotic probes. Spiral bound, 112 pages. ISBN 978-0-9886430-0-0.'s New Product Showcase is a reader service featuring innovative equipment and software of interest to amateur astronomers. The descriptions are based largely on information supplied by the manufacturers or distributors. Sky & Telescope assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of vendors statements. For current price and additional information contact the manufacturer or distributor. Announcements should be sent to Not all announcements will be listed.


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