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Sky & Telescope is much more than “The Essential Guide to Astronomy.” It’s also the world leader in astronomy-themed travel. From total solar eclipses to the northern lights, from stargazing safaris to the world’s top observatories, Sky & Telescope has offered exciting expeditions to witness celestial and telescopic wonders around the globe for more than 30 years. If you love traveling as much as you love astronomy, then don’t miss the chance to join one of the exclusive opportunities described below.

Sunset on Mauna Kea's summit

Hawai‘i Skies & Sights,
March 2023

Marvel at towering volcanoes, luxuriate in tropical waters, wiggle your toes on a black-sand beach, and spend two evenings stargazing with local amateur astronomers — plus get special access to professional observatories atop Haleakalā and Mauna Kea. Extend your stay with four optional days on lush Kaua‘i.
P&O's Pacific Explorer

Australian Eclipse Adventure, April 2023

SORRY, THIS TOUR IS SOLD OUT! But please email[email protected]to get on the waiting list.
The path of totality for April 2023’s solar eclipse covers tiny bits of land in just three countries. Fortunately, S&T’s eclipse experts have done all the planning for you! Come along on our 5-day cruise adventure — and add an optional 5-day tour of the vibrant city of Sydney and Australia’s most famous astronomical facilities.

African Safari & Stargazing, July 2023

Join Stephen James O’Meara for an unforgettable experience in Botswana, the heart of southern Africa. Take daily safari drives to see lions, elephants, hippos, and more — and at night view the incomparable southern sky, including the Magellanic Clouds, Tarantula Nebula, Eta Carinae, and other celestial wonders rarely or never seen from the Northern Hemisphere. (Optional extension to Victoria Falls.)

Yucatán Annular Eclipse, October 2023

Immerse yourself in Maya culture on Sky & Telescope’s exclusive 10-day tour across the Yucatán Peninsula. You’ll visit the most revered and historic Maya sites — Chichén Itzá, Ek Balam, Uxmal, Kabah, and Edzná — then, invoking the spirit of the great Maya skywatchers, witness an annular (ring) eclipse of the Sun.

New Mexico Annular Eclipse, October 2023

SORRY, THIS TOUR IS SOLD OUT! But please email[email protected]to get on the waiting list.
On October 14, 2023, the path of the Moon’s shadow slices through New Mexico and directly over the historic home of the Tamaya Pueblo Indians. This will be the “home base” for a 6-day tour that explores many of the amazing natural and astronomical attractions in this Land of Enchantment.
2024 solar-eclipse path across Texas

The Great Texas Eclipse,
April 2024

SORRY, THIS TOUR IS SOLD OUT! But please email[email protected]to get on the waiting list.
Tens of millions got to see totality in the U.S. for the first time in 2017, and this time the path slices across the Hill Country of central Texas. Our exclusive viewing site will maximize both your enjoyment of this eclipse and your comfort and convenience. And you have the option for a behind-the-scenes tour of NASA’s Johnson Space Center near Houston, Texas.
Moai on Easter Island

Easter Island Annular Eclipse, October 2024

Imagine having your skin caressed by balmy South Pacific breezes, staring up at the Southern Cross, and standing toe-to-toe with Easter Island’s imposing moai. Now imagine going there to witness the Sun, Moon, and Earth align to create a “ring of fire” solar eclipse. Yes, you can have all this — plus an optional journey to the stark beauty of Chilean Patagonia.
Castillo de los Calatravos in Alcañiz, Spain

Spanish Eclipse Adventure, August 2026

Do you dream of turning back time and spending the night in a castle high above a lovely town filled with history and tradition? And can you picture yourself stepping outside to witness totality just before sunset? Make your dream come true by coming along on S&T’s 11-day tour of Spain. You’ll savor the romantic splendor of Barcelona, Aragon, Madrid, and more.
Tempel of Hotsheput near Luxor, Egypt

Luxor Total Solar Eclipse, August 2027

This total solar eclipse offers the longest duration of totality (6m 23s) for the next 87 years. And you’ll be able to witness this eclipse’s extra-long totality in royal style on one of four exciting tours in Luxor, Egypt. These visually stunning tours are sure to sell out long before the Moon’s shadow streaks across Egypt, so don’t wait to secure your reservation.

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