Sky & Telescope magazine, founded in 1941 by Charles A. Federer Jr. and Helen Spence Federer, has the most experienced staff of any astronomy magazine in the world. Its editors are virtually all amateur or professional astronomers, and every one has built a telescope, written a book, done original research, developed a new product, or otherwise distinguished him or herself. Several of S&T's editors over the years have been honored by the world's astronomers by having asteroids named after them, and our designers and artists have had their extraordinary talents recognized by their peers in the magazine-publishing industry.

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Kevin B. Marvel

Editor in Chief
Peter Tyson

Senior Editors
J. Kelly Beatty
Alan M. MacRobert

Science Editor
Camille Carlisle

News Editor
Monica Young

Associate Editor
Sean Walker

Observing Editor
Diana Hannikainen

Consulting Editor
Gary Seronik

Editorial Assistant
Sabrina Garvin

Art, Design & Digital

Creative Director
Terri Dubé

Technical Illustrator
Beatriz Inglessis

Leah Tiscione


Senior Contributing Editors
Dennis di Cicco
Richard Tresch Fienberg
Roger W. Sinnott

Contributing Editors
Howard Banich
Javier Barbuzano
Jim Bell
Trudy Bell
Ronald Brecher
Greg Bryant
Ken Croswell
Thomas A. Dobbins
Alan Dyer
Tony Flanders
Ted Forte
Steve Gottlieb
Shannon Hall
Scott Harrington
Ken Hewitt-White
Bob King
Emily Lakdawalla
Rod Mollise
James Mullaney
Stephen James O’Meara
Donald W. Olson
Jerry Oltion
Joe Rao
Fred Schaaf
Govert Schilling
William Sheehan
Brian Ventrudo
Mathew Wedel
Charles A. Wood
Richard S. Wright, Jr.

Contributing Photographers
P. K. Chen
Robert Gendler
Babak Tafreshi


Director of Strategic Partnerships
Rod Nenner

American Astronomical Society

Executive Officer / CEO, AAS Sky Publishing, LLC
Kevin B. Marvel

Kelsey Johnson, University of Virginia

Dara Norman, NOIRLab

Senior Vice-President
Adam Burgasser, UC San Diego

Second Vice-President
Grant Tremblay, Center for Astrophysics, Harvard & Smithsonian

Third Vice-President
Dawn Gelino, Caltech/IPACNExSCI

Doris Daou, NASA Planetary Science Division

Alice K. B. Monet, U.S. Naval Observatory (ret.)

At-Large Trustees
Jane Rigby, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Louis-Gregory Strolger, Space Telescope Science Institute
B. Ashley Zauderer-VanderLey, National Science Foundation
Lisa Prato, Lowell Observatory