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It's Showtime! April's Total Solar Eclipse Is Upon Us!

The much-anticipated April 8th total solar eclipse is finally here!

Geminid meteor shower radiant

Geminid meteor shower

A Great Year for the Geminids

It’s December and that means one of the best celestial events will grace the skies. The Geminid meteor shower should peak in a moonless sky between Wednesday and Thursday, December 13–14.

a thin circle of yellow light around a black circle on a black background

Annular solar eclipse 2023

"Ring of Fire" Solar Eclipse Comes to the Americas on October 14th

A solar eclipse will soon grace the skies over the Americas. On Saturday, October 14, 2023, the Moon will cross in front of the Sun, covering at most 90% of it — the remaining 10% will appear as a blazing “ring of fire” around the Moon’s black silhouette.

Perseid Meteor Shower

meteor shower

A Banner Year for the Perseid Meteor Shower

It’s August and that means one of the year’s most beloved celestial events will grace the skies. The Perseid meteor shower peaks this weekend on Saturday night−Sunday morning, August 12−13.

Total Solar Eclipse Madras, Oregon

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Countdown Begins for the Great North American Solar Eclipse!

On Monday, April 8, 2024, the Moon will pass directly between Earth and the Sun, creating a total solar eclipse like the one that crossed the United States on August 21, 2017. At T minus 1 year, the countdown has begun!

Mars Occultation December 2022 Sky Scene


See Bright Mars Wink Out Behind the Moon

The night of December 7–8 will be an exciting one for fans of the Red Planet. Not only will Mars be at opposition, but the full Moon will blot it out of the sky for many locations on Earth.

Lunar eclipse in Sept 2015 Walker

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Get Ready for Tuesday's Total Lunar Eclipse

The total lunar eclipse of November 8th favors western North America, but the whole continent will enjoy much of the spectacle, provided skies are clear.

a black circle with a halo of light around it radiating outward on a dark blue background

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Two Solar Eclipses Are Coming to America

Exactly one year from today, the first of two major solar eclipses just six months apart will occur over the Americas.

Planet Parade 2022 June 3_900px

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Planet Parade to Grace the Dawn Sky this Month

All five naked-eye planets will line up in the dawn sky in June. Not only that, they’ll also be in their proper order from the Sun.

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Sunday Night's Total Lunar Eclipse

North American skywatchers can see the Moon turn a reddish hue as it flirts with Earth’s shadow on the night of May 15–16.

Lunar Eclipse November 2021 UT

lunar eclipse

North America Favored for This Week's Deep Partial Lunar Eclipse

North American observers can watch the Moon turn a reddish hue as it flirts with Earth’s shadow on the night of November 18–19 in the longest partial eclipse of the century.

Blue Moon

“True” Blue Moon Occurs Sunday, August 22nd

If skies are clear this weekend, we’ll see the full Moon. And not just any old full Moon, but the Blue Moon — the “true” Blue Moon.

People, Places, and Events

S&T Editor Wins Planetary Science Writing Award

Science Editor Camille Carlisle has won the Division of Planetary Science’s Jonathan Eberhart Planetary Sciences Journalism Award for “Rugged Worlds,” the cover story of the May 2020 issue of Sky & Telescope.

Perseid radiant

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Perfect for the Perseids

It’s August and that means the Perseid meteor shower! One of the year’s most beloved celestial events peaks on Wednesday night−Thursday morning, August 11–12.

Annular eclipse May 1994

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Sunrise Stunner: Annular Solar Eclipse of June 10th

Two weeks after a total eclipse of the Moon, skywatchers in some parts of North America will witness an annular or partial eclipse of the Sun.

Lunar Eclipse

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Everything You Need to Know for the May 26th Morning Lunar Eclipse

The total lunar eclipse of May 26th — the first in more than two years — favors western North America, but much of the continent will see the partial phases, provided skies are clear.

artist's conception of the parker solar probe floating in front of the sun

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S&T Writers Win Two Science Journalism Awards

This year’s solar physics communication prizes recognize two pieces from Sky & Telescope magazine.

Jupiter and Saturn in conjunction


Jupiter and Saturn Have Historic Dusk Encounter

Don't miss the upcoming close conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21st!

Geminid meteor shower radiant

Geminid meteors

Great Show Expected for the Geminids

Don’t miss the best meteor shower of the year. Catch the Geminid meteors as they peak on the moonless night of December 13–14.

Full Moon

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Blue Moon for Halloween

Enjoy the Blue Moon on Halloween night!

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