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Eclipse glasses

People, Places, and Events

How to Do Eclipse Outreach On and Off the Path

One of the best parts about the eclipse coming up on April 8th will be the opportunity to share the joy and amazement with others!

Berlin fall fragment

People, Places, and Events

Asteroid 2024 BX1: From a Light in the Sky to Rocks on the Ground

The asteroid 2024 BX1 went from a moving dot of light to rocks on the ground in mere hours — and amateur astronomers were critical to both discovery and recovery.

Dan Caselden visiting the BDNYC group at the AMNH

Citizen Science: Projects & Collaboration

Citizen Scientist Wins Prestigious AAS Award

The American Astronomical Society recognized Dan Caselden’s contributions to science at their recent winter meeting.

A dot of light marks the 5.3-kilometer asteroid Seronik

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Asteroid Named for Sky & Telescope’s Gary Seronik

The International Astronomical Union has named the asteroid provisionally designated as 1993 FE15 after Sky & Telescope's Consulting Editor Gary Seronik: 20046 Seronik.

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AAS Quasquicentennial: Celebrating 125 Years in 2024

The American Astronomical Society is celebrating its 125th anniversary. Visit the AAS site to learn more about this exciting milestone.

a strip of bright green light becoming red as it approaches a dark treeline against a dark blue background

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A Windy and Wonderful Icelandic Aurora Adventure

Sky & Telescope’s recent tour to Iceland explored all the island’s sights — and kept S&T’s record at a solid nine for nine for seeing auroras!

group of people standing beneath huge telescope

People, Places, and Events

Travel Diary: Astronomical Adventures in the Canaries

The week of September’s new Moon, a passel of astro-enthused passengers explored one of the world’s premier observing locations.

A mostly empty field with a few telescopes on it below a pink building and the Porter Turret telescope

People, Places, and Events

Stellafane Star Party Celebrates Their Centennial

As hundreds of astronomers made their annual pilgrimage to the “shrine to the stars” this year, the Springfield Telescope Makers were preparing to celebrate Stellafane's 100th anniversary.

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See the Winning Images of Royal Observatory Greenwich's Astrophotographer of the Year Contest

See the images that won the Royal Observatory Greenwich's Astronomy Photographer of the Year award.

Eclipse map

Celestial Objects to Observe

2024 Total Solar Eclipse: 25 Events, Festivals, and Places to Stay

Some ideas for those who still need a place to go on April 8, 2024, to see the total solar eclipse.

Night sky over Arches National Park

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Combine October’s “Ring of Fire” Eclipse with Stargazing 

Stargazers will be interested not only in the annular eclipse this October but also in the dark skies in parks along the eclipse path!

OJ 287 binary black hole

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Signal Found from Supermassive Duo's Second Black Hole

Astronomers have long suspected that a distant quasar harbors not one but two supermassive black holes. They've now detected OJ 287's second black hole.

North America map showing 2023 and 2024 solar eclipse paths as well as locations of National Parks

People, Places, and Events

Where to See the Two Great North American Eclipses

The October 2023 and April 2024 solar eclipses will thrill millions of North Americans. These maps will enlighten and inspire viewers for the events to come.

Owen Gingerich with Copernicus's texts

People, Places, and Events

Owen Jay Gingerich, 1930–2023

Owen Jay Gingerich, well-known historian of astronomy and contributor to Sky & Telescope for more than half a century, died on May 28, 2023.

The Milky Way soars over the Grand Canyon

People, Places, and Events

The Grand Canyon Star Party

Get ready for the Grand Canyon Star Party on June 10–17, 2023.

2013 Astronomy Day celebration in Boston

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Celebrate Astronomy Day This Weekend!

On Saturday, April 29, 2023, come out and celebrate Astronomy Day! Here are some easy ways that you can explore the sky.

Antenna of the SMA - Hawai'i March 2023 S&T tour

People, Places, and Events

Travel Diary: The Skies and Astronomical Sights of Hawai'i

Last March, S&T editor Diana Hannikainen accompanied a group of stargazers to the islands of Hawai'i on an astronomical adventure.

International Dark Sky Week 2023

Save Dark Skies

"Discover the Night" During International Dark Sky Week, April 15–22

Protect the night sky — join the International Dark-Sky Association for activities during International Dark-Sky Week.

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The Northeast Astronomy Forum Is Back in 2023

The Northeast Astronomy Forum in Suffern, NY, welcomes visitors from across the world on April 15–16, and we'll be there — will you?

People, Places, and Events

Remembering Akira Fujii (1941-2022), Photographer Par Excellence

Acclaimed astrophotographer Akira Fujii's wide-field views of the constellations, each with impeccable star images, have been a hallmark of Sky & Telescope magazine for nearly four decades.

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