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Milky Way

Astronomers Trace the Family Tree of Star Clusters in the Solar Neighborhood

Astronomers have pressed rewind on a cosmic video of the solar neighborhood, tracing the origins of young star clusters within 3,000 light-years of the Sun.

Beta Pictoris debris disk


Webb Telescope Sees Evidence of Asteroid Collision Around Nearby Star

New data suggest the star Beta Pictoris has cleared away the remains of an asteroid pulverized as recently as two decades ago.

Black Holes

"Death Star" Black Holes Can Swivel Their Million Light-Year Long Plasma Beams

Heavyweight black holes sometimes topple over on their sides, according to X-ray and radio observations of the jets these black holes power.

Cometary Globule

Stellar Science

Cosmic "Hand" Reaches for the Stars

This oddly shaped cloud of dusty gas is shaped by the winds and radiation from nearby stars.

Stellar Science

What Happens After a Supernova Blows? Watch and Find Out

New time-lapse videos from the Chandra X-ray Observatory show the Crab Nebula and the Cassiopeia A supernova remnant over more than 20 years.

black hole surrounded by a glowing orange ring

Black Holes

Watch a Hotspot Orbit Our Galaxy's Black Hole

Astronomers have reconstructed a 3D video of hot gas orbiting a stone’s throw away from our galaxy’s central black hole.

Perseverance selfie at Rochette rock on crater floor

Space Missions

NASA Struggles to Find Way Forward for Mars Sample Return

NASA's Perseverance mission has been collecting samples for later retrieval and return to Earth. Now, it's unclear how we'll get those samples home.

Diamond Ring

Celestial News & Events

Where to Watch the Total Solar Eclipse Online

Watch the total solar eclipse — alongside interviews with scientists and astronauts — with these livestreams.

Predicted appearance of corona

2024 total solar eclipse

What Will the Sun's Corona Look Like During Totality?

The eclipse is coming up, and already scientists have predicted the appearance of the solar corona on the big day.

Solar System

Could We See the Sun Erupt on Eclipse Day?

Ejections of solar material are increasingly commonplace as the Sun’s activity ramps up. Here’s what to expect if an eruption occurs on eclipse day.

Magnetar getting ready to launch an FRB

Stellar Science

Neutron Star "Glitches" Are Clue to Mysterious Radio Bursts

New observations of a neutron star in the Milky Way's center shed light on what makes mysterious fast radio bursts.

Spiral galaxy with a bustling core, Webb's view shows orange-bright dust at top left, Hubble's view shows stars at bottom right


Webb Telescope Unveils 19 Galaxies in a New Light

A James Webb Space Telescope survey known as PHANGS has revealed exquisite, just-published details in 19 nearby galaxies.

Mimas appears like the Death Star

Solar System

Does Saturn's "Death Star" Moon Harbor an Ocean?

New evidence, based off of NASA's Cassini measurements of Mimas's orbit, suggests the icy "Death Star" moon might have a subsurface ocean.

a blue arc on top looms over an active, lumpy-looking star


Hubble Reveals Possible Water-Vapor World

New Hubble Space Telescope observations reveal the warm sub-Neptune GJ 9827d might have a steamy atmosphere.

JWST deep-field image showing many galaxies


The Milky Way Might Have Started Out Shaped Like a Pickle

Faraway dwarf galaxies in the universe's distant past — which will become modern Milky Ways — have an unexpectedly stretched-out appearance.


Did Webb Detect an Atmosphere on Hot Super-Earth 55 Cancri e?

New Webb data suggests that the hot super-Earth 55 Cancri e has a thick atmosphere, perhaps maintained by the planet's magma ocean.

a blue orb with a red ring at its top on a black background


Unexplained Auroras Found on a Lonely Brown Dwarf

James Webb Space Telescope observations of a faint, giant world have revealed the signature of aurorae — even though the world has no star.

Odd Radio Circle (ORC) 1


Odd Radio Circles: The Remnants of Furious Galactic Winds

New evidence suggests extreme starbursts and furious galactic winds are at the heart of odd radio circles (ORCs).

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune in near-infrared

Solar System

The Webb Telescope's Grand Tour of the Solar System

The James Webb Space Telescope has revealed galaxies in the early universe, hidden star formation, and sniffed the atmospheres of exoplanets. But it's also exploring closer to home, imaging each of the giant planets in detail. The telescope can see aspects of the planets' compositions in ways that passing satellites…

Photo of Large Magellanic Cloud shows a fuzzy barred center with fuzzy shells on the left and right


Astronomers Find 100,000-light-year Bow Shock in the Milky Way’s Outskirts

New simulations showed astronomers where to look for evidence of a dwarf galaxy's bow shock as it crashes through the Milky Way's halo.

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