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Thirty Meter Telescope at night

Professional Telescopes

Maunakea Observatories Shuttered Amid Protests (Update: Observatories Have Reopened)

As protests against the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope continue, the directors of Maunakea Observatories have taken the unprecedented move of closing all observatories atop the mountain.

Red giant stars in galaxy halos


Tension Over Hubble Constant Continues

A new measurement fuels an ongoing debate about the rate at which today’s universe is expanding.

EROSITA's seven mirror modules

Professional Telescopes

German-Russian Astronomy Satellite Launches

Spektrum-Röntgen-Gamma, a long-delayed and much-modified X-ray astronomy package, launched successfully from the Kazakh Steppe on Saturday.

Thirty Meter Telescope at night

People, Places, and Events

Thirty Meter Telescope Set to Begin Construction

Hawaiian Governor David Ige and the Thirty Meter Telescope International Observatory have announced that construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope will begin the week of July 15th.

Orbit of asteroid 2019 LF6

Solar System

Sky-surveying Telescopes Sweep Up Near-Earth Asteroids

Discoveries include a near-Earth asteroid with the shortest “year” and another found hours before it burned up in Earth’s atmosphere.

Owens Valley Radio Observatory

Stellar Science

Astronomers Identify Host Galaxy of a Third Radio Flash

Astronomers have narrowed down the location of a third "fast radio burst" to a galaxy very like the Milky Way.

La Silla Total Solar Eclipse simulation

People, Places, and Events

The Astronomers' Eclipse: July 2nd Eclipse Will Pass Over Professional Observatories

Some of the world's largest telescopes will be watching as the Moon blocks the Sun's disk and reveals its corona on July 2, 2019.

Illustration of proposed Titan lander

Spacecraft and Space Missions

We’re Going to Titan! Dragonfly Drone Will Explore Saturn’s Biggest Moon

NASA has selected its next New Frontiers mission: Dragonfly, a rover-sized drone will begin ‘coptering around Titan in 2034.

ASKAP in Western Australia

Stellar Science

Astronomers Pinpoint New Fast Radio Burst

A next-gen Australian radio array has enabled astronomers to home in on the source of a mysterious fast radio burst — and the source is not what they expected.

Curiosity selfie


Curiosity Detects Big Whiff of Methane on Mars

The Curiosity rover on Mars detected the highest level of methane yet, but a follow-on experiment saw those levels recede within a week. Scientists are working to understand the significance of the result.

Solar wind (art)

Spacecraft and Space Missions

Exploring the Solar System: Mission Updates

Space agencies have selected two solar missions and a “comet interceptor” for development and launch.

Antlia 2 simulation

Milky Way

Did a Dwarf Galaxy Crash into the Milky Way?

A recent study suggests the dwarf galaxy Antlia 2 had a long-ago run-in with our galaxy, rippling and warping its disk. But not everyone agrees with that scenario.

A star goes poof!

Spacecraft and Space Missions

7 Incredible Discoveries from Two Decades of X-rays

On the eve of the 20th anniversaries for both the Chandra and XMM-Newton X-ray observatories, we celebrate with a look back at seven of their most incredible discoveries.

GD-1 and Palomar 5

Milky Way

Evidence for a Dark Matter Clump in the Milky Way

There are ghosts in our galaxy’s past. Now astronomers have found a way to detect them.

PDS 70 (art)


Astronomers Directly Detect Newborn Planets

Infant planets are coming together in a system 370 light-years away, and they’re shedding light on the early lives of Saturn and Jupiter in our solar system.

Decadal survey large mission concepts

Astronomy & Observing News

Astronomers Dream Big, Consider Four Future Space Telescopes

Four concepts are competing to be NASA’s next flagship mission. From exo-Earths to X-rays, what will the future hold?

Exocomets around Beta Pictoris (art)


Found: Exoplanet in the "Neptunian Desert" & Exocomets Around Beta Pictoris

Two teams of astronomers have announced the discovery of a Neptune-size planet in an unexpected orbit and three exocomets whizzing around nearby star Beta Pictoris.


Solar System

Was ‘Oumuamua a Fragment from a Disintegrated Comet?

A new study suggests that ‘Oumuamua’s strange trajectory back out to interstellar space can be explained if the object had the density of air.

Gaia's map of 1.7 billion stars in the Milky Way and beyond

Milky Way

Our Quiet Galaxy Used to Burst with Stars

New research shows that our quiet, middle-aged galaxy used to be quite the firecracker — a couple billion years ago it was exploding with new stars.

Simulation of neutron star - black hole merger

Black Holes

Gravitational-wave Detectors Come Online, Find Possible Black Hole-Neutron Star Crash

Only a month into a new observing run, gravitational-wave observatories have announced five new signals — one of which could turn out to be a black hole swallowing a neutron star.