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Superluminous supernova SN 2006gy

Stellar Science

Superluminous Supernova, Explained?

Some brilliant explosions at least 10 times more powerful than regular supernovae might come from a white dwarf merging with a massive companion star. But not everyone agrees on that explanation.

Thuban in TESS image

Celestial Objects to Observe

See Ancient “North Stars" Eclipse Each Other

The ancient pole star known as Thuban turns out to be an eclipsing binary. If you're up for a challenge, you can see the eclipses for yourself.

Host Galaxy of a Radio Flash

Stellar Science

New Mysterious Radio Flash Pinned Down; Hundreds More Being Discovered

Recent observations have pinpointed the location of a fifth fast radio burst, shedding light on the environs that create these powerful sources.

Star with two suns


NASA's TESS Introduces Us to Our Planetary Neighbors

NASA's TESS mission announces the results from its first year of exoplanet-hunting in the southern sky, introducing us to some of our planetary neighbors.

Neutron Star Pair Collides (art)

Stellar Science

Gravitational Waves from Second Neutron-star Collision Observed

Scientists with the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) and Virgo collaborations have announced the detection of a second pair of neutron stars that went bump in the night.

shadow image of M87

2014 mu 69

Top 10 Astronomy News Stories of 2019

Our pick for the biggest astronomy news story of the year is the first-ever image of a black hole “shadow.” What's yours?

Hydrogen halo around young galaxy


How Young Galaxies Grow

A pair of recent studies sheds light on some of the universe’s earliest galaxies and how they grow.

Comet Borisov at perihelion

Solar System

Hubble Images Comet Borisov at Perihelion

The Hubble Space Telescope imaged the interstellar comet 2I/Borisov when it came closest to the Sun before heading back out of the solar system.

New cyclone joins Jupiter's south pole

Solar System

New Cyclone Joins Jupiter’s South Pole Club

Stunning new images from NASA’s Juno mission reveal that a new cyclone has budged its way into the grouping at Jupiter’s south pole.

Tiger Stripes on Enceladus

Solar System

How Saturn's Moon Got Its Stripes

Astronomers have struggled to understand the origin of the parallel fractures on Saturn’s icy moon Enceladus, known as “tiger stripes,” from which water-ice spews into space. Now, a single explanation ties all the pieces together.

Starlinks cross DECam image

Astronomy and Society

The Starlink Situation

Shots of the Starlink satellite train crossing the heavens are dramatic — even shocking — but they’re also a bit misleading. The real problems that Starlink and other megaconstellation satellites pose are more insidious.

NGC 6240 and its three black holes

Black Holes

Three Black Holes May Merge in Nearby Galaxy

New observations of a galactic crash site show that there are not just two but three supermassive black holes on the verge of union. Two of them are only 650 light-years apart, the closest pair known.

Gamma-ray burst illustration

Stellar Science

Astronomers See Extreme Photons from Collapsing Massive Stars

Astronomers have detected a long-sought signal from gamma-ray bursts — the highest-energy photons ever seen from these events.

Global map of Titan's geological features

Solar System

First Global Geological Map of Saturn’s Moon Titan Released

Working with data from NASA’s Cassini mission, scientists have produced the first global map of Titan’s geological features.

microlensing diagram


Observations Confirm Lensing Planet Discovered by Amateur

Follow-up observations of an amateur-discovered exoplanet show that the planet orbits its star at the snow line, where ice giants may form.

Makani Galaxy


Astronomers Image Winds from Faraway Galaxy

Astronomers have directly observed a supernova-driven wind as it's rushing out of a galaxy and far into intergalactic space.

Illustration showing position of Voyager 1 and Voyager 2

Spacecraft and Space Missions

Interstellar Space: The View from Voyager 2

Voyager 2 crossed into interstellar space a year ago. Now, five teams of astronomers have analyzed the data it returned to paint a picture of the outer boundary of the solar system.

DESI First Light

Professional Telescopes

Dark Energy Survey Sees First Light

The Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument is poised to record millions of galaxies as far back as 11 billion years ago to unveil the nature of dark energy.

Large Magellanic Cloud in X-rays

Professional Telescopes

First Light for German X-ray Telescope EROSITA

The EROSITA X-ray telescope aboard the German-Russian Spektr-RG satellite has taken its first images of the hot universe.

Saturn's new moons

Solar System

Help Name Saturn’s 20 Newfound Moons

Astronomers have found 20 new moons circling Saturn — now you can help name them!