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History and Sky Lore

It’s the Blue Moon . . . the “True” Blue Moon!

If skies are clear this weekend, you'll see the full Moon. And not just any old full Moon, but the Blue Moon . . . the "true" Blue Moon!

The Milky Way

Save Dark Skies

Discover the Night: International Dark Sky Week is Here!

Light pollution is insidious in today’s world. This International Dark Sky Week, become inspired to see what you can do to raise awareness.

Total solar eclipse 2019 in Chile

Astronomy and Society

Join Us in Planning for the Next "Great American Eclipse"

Are you a solar eclipse enthusiast with an organizational bent? An upcoming virtual workshop geared toward planning for the 2023 and 2024 events could be just the thing for you.

SkyWatch 2021

Stargazing Basics

SkyWatch 2021 — Four Seasons Under the Stars

SkyWatch is back! Whether you're new to astronomy or a seasoned practitioner, SkyWatch 2021 has something for everyone.

Dark skies

People, Places, and Events

Under One Sky — Help Address Light Pollution

Do you care about protecting the night sky? Join the International Dark Sky Association’s virtual conference this weekend.

Moon over Sequoia National Park

People, Places, and Events

International Observe the Moon Night Is Here

International Observe the Moon Night is here. Step outside Saturday evening and admire our closest celestial neighbor with your family.

International Dark Sky Week Milky Way

People, Places, and Events

International Dark Sky Week Is Here: Celebrate the Night!

The weeklong celebration of the night sky we all share has always been an opportunity for people to connect with each other. This year, connecting with each other takes on a significance all its own.

Sunset from Camp Wesumkee

People, Places, and Events

Winter Stargazing in the Florida Keys

Every February, amateur astronomers flock to the Florida Keys to a dark-sky site for a week of stargazing at the Winter Star Party.

People, Places, and Events

The 2020 Chambliss Amateur Achievement Award Goes To Dennis Conti

Each year, the American Astronomical Society confers the Chambliss Amateur Achievement Award for significant astronomical research carried out by an amateur astronomer. This year the award goes to Dennis Conti of the AAVSO.

Spacecraft and Space Missions

TESS's First Year of Science

NASA’s latest exoplanet hunter has found more than two dozen new worlds, at least one of which might be habitable.

Kepler's planetary music from Harmonices Mundi

People, Places, and Events

Music Inspired by Astronomy: A Catalog

Catalogs are useful in astronomy. Now there's one dedicated to musical pieces influenced by astronomy.

Professional Telescopes

Happy Birthday, Lowell Observatory!

One of the nation's most famous observatories turns 125 years old. Let's all wish it a Happy Birthday!

Canyonlands star party

People, Places, and Events

Astronomy Day is Coming Up! How You Can Participate

It’s that time of year again! It’s Astronomy Day! Join fellow enthusiasts on Saturday May 11th for a plethora of fun and exciting events in celebration of all things astronomical.

Astronomy Travel

Northern Lights of Finland: Check!

Sky & Telescope's latest tour to catch the aurorae was a fun-filled adventure in the northern reaches of Finland.

Celestial News & Events

Observing Report: Partial Solar Eclipse of January 6th

A deep partial solar eclipse was witnessed by many early on the cold morning of January 6 in northeast Asia and the north Pacific.

Celestial News & Events

Celestial Highlights in 2019

What will the night sky hold in 2019? Sky & Telescope lays it out, day by day, in this new Celestial Highlights infographic.

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Astronomical Work for an Amateur's Catalog

Amateur astronomer Rick Johnson undertook the monumental task of building his own observatory and compiling a catalog of objects he has observed.

People, Places, and Events

Happy Birthday, Royal Astronomical Society of Canada!

The RASC turns 150 on December 1st! Join us in wishing them all the best on this historical milestone.

Celestial News & Events

The Case of the Vanishing Nebula

Now you see it, now you don't. McNeil's Nebula in Orion has disappeared, thanks to a drastic reduction in brightness from the protostar that usually provides illumination. 

Astronomy Blogs

Reaching for the Stars Through Music

James Webb is an astronomer who is not only an expert on blazars but also an accomplished singer-songwriter, exploring his love of astronomy through music.