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Meet the Stars

Meet Shaula: The Scorpion’s Triple-Pronged Stinger

Meet Shaula, the bright star on the Scorpion's tail. It's a challenge for northern observers, but easy to find if it clears the horizon!

Comet 13P/Olbers

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Comet 13P/Olbers Juices Up June Skies

June brings heat and bugs but also a moderately bright, early-evening comet that returns every 69 years.

Galilaei crater May 20, 2024

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Why Did Galileo Get Such a Puny Crater?

Galileo was one of the first people to study the Moon through a telescope. You'd think he'd get more than 10-mile-wide crater for his efforts. But of course, there's more to the story.

Comet C/2023 A3 early May

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Comet Tsuchinshan-ATLAS Brightens, Grows a Tail

Are you excited about Comet Tsuchinshan-ATLAS's prospects for a bright appearance this autumn? Guess what? It's already gorgeous.

Eta Aquariids from Australia

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Ready the Hot Cocoa and Recliner — Here Comes the Eta Aquariid Meteor Shower!

You might be tempted to sleep through this annual shower but then you'd miss seeing some of the fastest meteors around. Not to mention their parent is the most famous comet of all.

Little Rock, AR April 8 all-sky view

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What Will We See in the Sky During Totality?

Most of our time will be focused on Sun during the minutes of totality on April 8th, but consider tearing yourself away for a few seconds to put it all in context.


Partial: The Solar Eclipse for the Rest of Us

Whether the Sun will become a dented ball or an eerie crescent of fire, a celestial shadow show awaits you practically everywhere in North and Central America.

Betelgeuse close-up

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Is Betelgeuse Fading Again?

Betelgeuse has dipped nearly half a magnitude since late January. Could it be headed for another Great Dimming Event? We also take a look at this spring's "other" eclipse.

Diamond Ring

Celestial Objects to Observe

How to See the Diamond Ring Effect During a Total Solar Eclipse

Here's how to safely see the "diamond ring," the dazzling burst of sunlight seen just before and after totality.

totality with an iPhone13

Observar el Cielo

Como Fotografiar el Eclipse Con un Smartphone

Antes de intentar fotografiar el eclipse con su smartphone, lea el consejo de estos expertos.

Solar eclipse series

Observar el Cielo

Qué Buscar y Cuándo Durante un Eclipse Solar Total

Los fenómenos astronómicos y terrestres que no se debe perder durante el eclipse solar total del 8 de abril de 2024.

Yellow star amidst black starfield

Celestial Objects to Observe

Meet Wezen, a Yellow Tail for a Big Dog

Wezen, a yellow supergiant more than 1,600 light-years from Earth, is also the tail of the Canis Major constellation.

View of eclipse above an observatory


How Dark Does It Get During a Total Solar Eclipse?

Totality may not be quite as dark as nighttime, but the difference between 99% obscuration and 100% is still night and day.

Eclipse sundial


DIY Project: Make an Eclipse Sundial

Try this solar-eclipse experiment as you're watching the Moon cover up the Sun.

Gegenschein and Milky Way

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Fuzzy Glows: See Zodiacal Light, Gegenschein, Airglow, and Aurorae

Find time this season to set aside your telescope and seek the night sky's ghostly glows.

Triple stars finders

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Winter's Finest Triple Stars

Double stars are wonderful, but triples are terrific! Here are 16 trios to enjoy the next clear night.

12P/Pons-Brooks with tail

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The Best Comets to Look for in 2024

If you like chasing comets, here's a guide to the year's best and brightest.

Berlin fall fragment

People, Places, and Events

Asteroid 2024 BX1: From a Light in the Sky to Rocks on the Ground

The asteroid 2024 BX1 went from a moving dot of light to rocks on the ground in mere hours — and amateur astronomers were critical to both discovery and recovery.


Celestial Objects to Observe

Meet Bellatrix, the Amazon Star

It's fitting that Bellatrix, the star at Orion's other shoulder, takes the name of "woman warrior," but it wasn't always that way.

Diamond ring sequence

Celestial News & Events

Solar and Lunar Eclipses in 2024

Although no total lunar eclipses occur this year, skywatchers can look forward to two “central” solar eclipses — including a much-awaited total eclipse that spans the U.S. from Texas to New England.

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