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Open cluster NGC 6134

Night Sky Sights

Explore Norma: The right (angle) constellation for July

Little-known Norma, a small constellation in the southern sky, contains several stellar and deep-sky delights.

Spica occulted by Moon

Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast

July Podcast: Spotlight on Spica

Grab your curiosity, and come along on this month’s Sky Tour. This month offers a chance to watch a dramatic coverup of the bright star Spica by the first-quarter Moon. You can also glimpse Mercury just after sunset — and Saturn very late in the evening.

Omega Centauri as galactic nucleus

Southern Stargazing with Jonathan Nally

Centaurus Constellation: Glimpse the Greatest Globular

The Centaurus constellation holds some of the best southern targets, including the Omega Centauri globular cluster and the Centaurus A galaxy.

M7 locator map

Celestial Objects to Observe

Meet Shaula: The Scorpion’s Triple-Pronged Stinger

Meet Shaula, the bright star on the Scorpion's tail. It's a challenge for northern observers, but easy to find if it clears the horizon!

Ophiuchus the Serprent Holder

Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast

June Podcast: Spotting the Serpent Charmer

Listen to this tour of the stars and planets that you’ll see overhead during June. Learn how to spot three planets before dawn, and to track down a snake-handler in the early summer sky. Grab your curiosity, and come along on this month’s Sky Tour.

Galilaei crater May 20, 2024

Explore the Night with Bob King

Why Did Galileo Get Such a Puny Crater?

Galileo was one of the first people to study the Moon through a telescope. You'd think he'd get more than 10-mile-wide crater for his efforts. But of course, there's more to the story.

Trumpler 22 star cluster

Southern Stargazing with Jonathan Nally

Explore the Star Clusters of Centaurus

This large constellation abounds in deep-sky delights, including many fine open star clusters.

Comet C/2023 A3 early May

Explore the Night with Bob King

Comet Tsuchinshan-ATLAS Brightens, Grows a Tail

Are you excited about Comet Tsuchinshan-ATLAS's prospects for a bright appearance this autumn? Guess what? It's already gorgeous.

Alkaid in Ursa Major

Night Sky Sights

Meet Alkaid, the Big Dipper’s Handle

Alkaid is the end star of the Big Dipper's handle, a bright-blue example of a nearby B-type star.

Eta Aquariids from Australia

Explore the Night with Bob King

Ready the Hot Cocoa and Recliner — Here Comes the Eta Aquariid Meteor Shower!

You might be tempted to sleep through this annual shower but then you'd miss seeing some of the fastest meteors around. Not to mention their parent is the most famous comet of all.

Big Dipper and Ursa Major

Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast

May Podcast: Big Dipper Shows the Way

High above you on May evenings is an one obvious star pattern that just about everyone knows: the Big Dipper. This “Swiss Army Knife of the sky” can help you find many other key springtime stars and constellations. Just download or stream this month’s Sky Tour podcast.

NGC 2547 open star cluster

Southern Stargazing with Jonathan Nally

Sail into the Southern Skies with Vela

The large constellation Vela contains many hidden treasures.

Mars and Saturn April 2024

Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast

April Podcast: Planets in Transition

April’s evening skies offer plenty of stars to check out. However, aside from Jupiter low in the west, planets are in short supply. Our latest Sky Tour podcast helps you track down Mars, Saturn, and much during April’s pleasant nights.

Betelgeuse close-up

Explore the Night with Bob King

Is Betelgeuse Fading Again?

Betelgeuse has dipped nearly half a magnitude since late January. Could it be headed for another Great Dimming Event? We also take a look at this spring's "other" eclipse.

Yellow star amidst black starfield

Celestial Objects to Observe

Meet Wezen, a Yellow Tail for a Big Dog

Wezen, a yellow supergiant more than 1,600 light-years from Earth, is also the tail of the Canis Major constellation.

Sunset at equinoxes and solstices

Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast

March Podcast: A Barely-There Lunar Eclipse

As told in the latest episode of our long-running Sky Tour astronomy podcast, this month it’ll be challenging to a special kind of lunar eclipse on March 25th — but easy to spot five of the 10 brightest stars in the night sky.

Gegenschein and Milky Way

Explore the Night with Bob King

Fuzzy Glows: See Zodiacal Light, Gegenschein, Airglow, and Aurorae

Find time this season to set aside your telescope and seek the night sky's ghostly glows.

Night Sky Sights

Astronomy for "Cloudy, Cloudy Nights"

If you have clouds in your forecast, don't give up! There’s plenty of astronomy to be enjoyed even on overcast nights.

Southern Stargazing with Jonathan Nally

Get to Know the Carina Constellation

The southern constellation Carina contains arguably the best nebula in the sky, along with a host of other fascinating stars and clusters.

Triple stars finders

Explore the Night with Bob King

Winter's Finest Triple Stars

Double stars are wonderful, but triples are terrific! Here are 16 trios to enjoy the next clear night.

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