Open cluster NGC 6134

Southern Stargazing with Jonathan Nally

Explore Norma: The right (angle) constellation for July

Little-known Norma, a small constellation in the southern sky, contains several stellar and deep-sky delights.

Omega Centauri as galactic nucleus

Night Sky Sights

Centaurus Constellation: Glimpse the Greatest Globular

The Centaurus constellation holds some of the best southern targets, including the Omega Centauri globular cluster and the Centaurus A galaxy.

Trumpler 22 star cluster

Southern Stargazing with Jonathan Nally

Explore the Star Clusters of Centaurus

This large constellation abounds in deep-sky delights, including many fine open star clusters.

NGC 2547 open star cluster

Night Sky Sights

Sail into the Southern Skies with Vela

The large constellation Vela contains many hidden treasures.

Southern Cross, False Cross, Diamond Cross

Southern Stargazing with Jonathan Nally

The Stars of the Carina Constellation

Get to know the stars of Carina constellation — and learn how to spot the False Cross instead of being fooled by it!

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Get to Know the Carina Constellation

The southern constellation Carina contains arguably the best nebula in the sky, along with a host of other fascinating stars and clusters.

Small and Large Magellanic Clouds

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Clouds, Large and Small, of the Southern Sky

Jonathan Nally sets out to explore the Southern Hemisphere sky, starting with two uniquely southern sights: the Small and Large Magellanic Clouds.