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S&T's solar eclipse globe

Astronomy Products

An Eclipse Globe for the 21st Century

Sky & Telescope, in partnership with Great American Eclipse, presents the first-ever solar eclipse globe — showing the paths of 75 total and hybrid solar eclipses through the year 2100.

Sky Tour podcast: Moon and planets at dawn April 2020

Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast

April 2020: Planets Aplenty

This month's Sky Tour astronomy podcast highlights how Venus flirts with the Pleiades star cluster after sunset, then leads you to views of Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars together in the predawn sky.

Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast

March 2020: A Planet Trio and More!

During March, the cosmos offers a lot to see both before sunrise and after sunset. To get a guided tour of the month's highlights, play or download this month's Sky Tour episode.

Moon and 3 planets Feb 18-20 480p

Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast

February 2020: Five Planets & More!

If you drag yourself outside before dawn and then wait until after sunset, you can spot all five of the naked-eye planets. And the Winter Hexagon glides high in the evening sky.

Totality on August 21, 2017


Solar and Lunar Eclipses in 2020

Six eclipses occur in 2020, with one total and one annular solar eclipse in the mix. But the four lunar eclipses will be disappointing brushes through the fringe of Earth's shadow.

Mars and Venus in January 2020

Celestial News & Events

January 2020: Mid-winter Wonders

New Year's resolution: Do more stargazing! (Hint: Get an easy and entertaining head start by downloading this month's Sky Tour podcast for a guided tour of the night sky.)

Geminids Dec 13_2018 Bob King 480x274

Celestial News & Events

The Best Meteor Showers in 2020

Sky & Telescope predicts that the three best meteor showers — the Quadrantids (peaking on January 4th!), Perseids and Geminids — will all have strong showings this year.

Chile-Argentina eclipse path in 2020


2020 Total Solar Eclipse: Update from Patagonia

Check out the viewing site and accommodations in Argentina's lush Lake District for Sky & Telescope's expedition to witness the 2020 total solar eclipse on December 14, 2020.

Moon and Venus on Dec 27-29

Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast

December 2019: Giant-Planet Finale

Download this month's Sky Tour podcast for a guided tour of the evening sky's adieu to Jupiter and Saturn and tips for spotting some early-winter constellations.

Planets and Moon Nov 28-29

Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast

November 2019: Changing Scenery

Download this month's Sky Tour for a guided tour of the evening sky's changing planetary scene and some constellations that might be new to you.

Moon-Jupiter-Saturn Oct 2-5 300px

Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast

October 2019: Giant Planets & Bits of Comet

This month's Sky Tour let's you enjoy close pairings of the Moon with Jupiter and Saturn; explore interesting stars and constellations, and keep watch for blazing bits of Halley's Comet.

Harvest Moon Sept 2019

Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast

September 2019: Triangle Time

Download September's Sky Tour astronomy podcast for tips on observing Jupiter, Saturn, and the easy-to-spot Summer Triangle.

Moon-Jupiter-Saturn on Aug 9

Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast

August 2019: Stars of Summer

Download August's Sky Tour astronomy podcast for tips on observing the Perseid meteor shower and the key planets, stars, and constellations in the evening skies of summer.

Jupiter and Saturn in July 2019

Celestial News & Events

July 2019: Stalking the Scorpion

Download July's Sky Tour astronomy podcast for a guided exploration of the planets, stars, and constellations in the evening skies of summer.

Topography map of South Pole-Aitken

Solar System

Huge Mass Found Under Moon's Largest Basin

Does the massive metallic core of a primordial impactor lie buried under the South Pole-Aitken basin on the lunar farside?

Taurid Swarm Under Earth

Solar System

Astronomers Stalk the "Taurid Swarm"

If theorists are right, next month observers should spot a cluster of potentially hazardous asteroids as they cruise past Earth.

Evening view on June 28, 2019

Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast

June 2019: Peekaboo Planets

This month's Sky Tour podcast starts with a solstice update and a rundown of lunar phases, then helps you find four planets in the evening sky along with the best stars and constellations of early summer.

Ursa Major and Big Dipper

Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast

May 2019: The Stars of Spring

Our Sky Tour podcast for May 2019 starts with meteors created by Halley's Comet and then helps you find the best stars and constellations in the evening skies of late spring.

Moon in Leo April 2019

Celestial News & Events

April 2019: Critters on the March

The Sky Tour astronomy podcast for April 2019 takes you on a guided tour of the predawn sky and then helps you find a Hunter, a Lion, and a Bear in the evening sky.

Ultima Thule

Solar System

New Results Probe the Origin of "Ultima Thule"

As observations trickle in from NASA's New Horizons spacecraft, mission scientists have new insights on how their two-lobed target formed in the Kuiper Belt.

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