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Topography map of South Pole-Aitken

Solar System

Huge Mass Found Under Moon's Largest Basin

Does the massive metallic core of a primordial impactor lie buried under the South Pole-Aitken basin on the lunar farside?

Taurid Swarm Under Earth

Solar System

Astronomers Stalk the "Taurid Swarm"

If theorists are right, next month observers should spot a cluster of potentially hazardous asteroids as they cruise past Earth.

Evening view on June 28, 2019

Celestial News & Events

June 2019: Peekaboo Planets

This month's Sky Tour podcast starts with a solstice update and a rundown of lunar phases, then helps you find four planets in the evening sky along with the best stars and constellations of early summer.

Ursa Major and Big Dipper

Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast

May 2019: The Stars of Spring

Our Sky Tour podcast for May 2019 starts with meteors created by Halley's Comet and then helps you find the best stars and constellations in the evening skies of late spring.

Moon in Leo April 2019

Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast

April 2019: Critters on the March

The Sky Tour astronomy podcast for April 2019 takes you on a guided tour of the predawn sky and then helps you find a Hunter, a Lion, and a Bear in the evening sky.

Ultima Thule

Solar System

New Results Probe the Origin of "Ultima Thule"

As observations trickle in from NASA's New Horizons spacecraft, mission scientists have new insights on how their two-lobed target formed in the Kuiper Belt.

Morning view in early March 2019

Celestial News & Events

March 2019: Spot the Winter Hexagon

The Sky Tour astronomy podcast for March 2019 takes you on a guided tour of the predawn sky and then helps you find the dazzling stars that make the huge Winter Hexagon — including Sirius, the Dog Star.

Hubble view of Hippocamp

Solar System

Meet Hippocamp, Neptune's Smallest Moon

Although first recorded by Hubble in 2004, subsequent imagery shows that this tiny, innermost moon of Neptune likely had had a violent history.

Scene before dawn on Feb.16, 2019

Celestial News & Events

February 2019: Dawn & Dusk Planets

February's Sky Tour podcast urges you to get outside early to gaze on three bright planets — then return in the evening to spot two more.

Watching a lunar eclipse

Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast

Bonus: A Guided Tour of January's Total Lunar Eclipse

A special edition of our Sky Tour astronomy podcast provides you with a guided tour of the key events that will occur during this coming weekend's total lunar eclipse.

Stereo view of 2014 MU69

Solar System

New Views of Two-Lobed "Ultima Thule"

Images and other observations taken by the New Horizons spacecraft early on New Year's Day reveal a remarkable (but not unexpected) two-lobed object.

New Hoirizons and 2014 MU69 artwork

Spacecraft and Space Missions

New Horizons Reaches "Ultima Thule"

NASA's outward-bound explorer rings in the new year with the most distant flyby in space-exploration history.

Predawn sky 29Jan to 1Feb 2019

Celestial News & Events

January 2019: Eclipsed Moon & More

As told in this month's astronomy podcast, a total lunar eclipse and the Quadrantid meteors headline a busy month of stargazing after sunset and before dawn.


Solar and Lunar Eclipses in 2019

There'll be something for everybody in 2019, with total, annular, and partial solar eclipses — and total and partial lunar eclipses to look forward to.

2017 Geminid over Gallup, NM

Celestial News & Events

The Best Meteor Showers in 2019

Sky & Telescope predicts that the two best meteor showers in 2019 will be the Quadrantids in early January and the Eta Aquariids in early May. The popular Perseid and Geminid showers will be spoiled by bright moonlight.

Moon + Aldebaran Dec. 2018 300p

Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast

Tour December's Sky: Morning Planets

December's astronomy podcast urges you to get outside early to gaze on dazzling Venus — then Mercury, then Jupiter — crowding the eastern sky before dawn.

Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter in early Nov 2018

Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast

Tour November's Sky: Cassiopeia's Clan

This month's astronomy podcast takes you on a tour of a dysfunctional "royal family" in the northern sky — along with tips for viewing two meteor showers.

Moon-Jupiter-Saturn Oct 11-14 300px

Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast

Tour October's Sky: Jupiter, Saturn & Mars

Download this month's astronomy podcast to get "when and where" guidance on finding bright planets, evening constellations, and meteors shed by Halley's Comet.

Star party on Maine's Cadillac Mountain

People, Places, and Events

Stars Shine Brightly for Acadia Night Sky Festival

Last weekend the 10th edition of what has become a major stargazing event drew thousands of visitors to Mount Desert Island in Maine.

Moon-Venus-Jupiter in Sept 2018

Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast

Tour September's Sky: Goodbye, Venus!

As told in this month's astronomy podcast, Venus is disappearing in the west after sunset. So September offers you a final chance to see four bright planets at once.