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Total Solar Eclipse Australia 2023

Celestial News & Events

Apps to Help You See the Solar Eclipse

For the April 8th eclipse, mobile apps offer everything from weather forecasts to local circumstances. Here's a review of eclipse apps that you might find useful on the big day.

View of eclipse above an observatory


How Dark Does It Get During a Total Solar Eclipse?

Totality may not be quite as dark as nighttime, but the difference between 99% obscuration and 100% is still night and day.

a man standing in front of a large satellite dish

People, Places, and Events

­A Celebration of Jay Pasachoff (1943–2022)

Jay M. Pasachoff, Chair of the Astronomy Department, Director of the Hopkins Observatory, and Field Memorial Professor of Astronomy at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, succumbed to cancer on Sunday morning, November 20th.

Great American Eclipse

Celestial News & Events

Solar Eclipse Apps You'll Need on Eclipse Day

Want to know when the eclipse begins and ends in your hometown, or what's the quickest way to the path of totality? Looking for an eclipse countdown timer? There are eclipse apps for that!

Chambliss Amateur Achievement Award

People, Places, and Events

Call for Nominations: Chambliss Amateur Achievement Award

The Chambliss Amateur Achievement Award recognizes excellence in astronomical research by American amateur astronomers. Nominations are now open!

Viking 1 Lander's first image

People, Places, and Events

40th Anniversary of Viking's Red Planet Rendezvous

Some 200 of the mission’s surviving scientists and engineers and their families, along with many younger space explorers inspired by the Vikings, gathered to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Viking 1 landing.

Green laser pointer


Some Pointers on Using Laser Pointers

Many stargazers use handheld laser pointers to show the way to stars and constellations. But these devices can be dangerous if used carelessly. Here are some tips on how to avoid trouble.

Path of 2017 total solar eclipse

Celestial News & Events

Planning for America's Great American Eclipse in August 2017

Dozens of solar specialists are coordinating outreach activities for a coast-to-coast total solar eclipse that's only two years away.

International Year of Light

People, Places, and Events

Turn On to the International Year of Light!

The International Year of Light is well underway and provides a host of opportunities for astronomy outreach. Find out what programs and resources are available!

Space Missions

Hubble Servicing Delayed

NASA's upcoming service call on the Hubble Space Telescope won't happen till late September or early October.

Space Missions

Happy Birthday, Hubble!

Eighteen years ago today, astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery deployed the Hubble Space Telescope. And what an 18 years it's been!


Join the Hunt for Supernova Light Echoes

In a fascinating article in the June 2008 issue of Sky & Telescope, astronomer Douglas L. Welch (McMaster University, Canada) explains how amateur astronomers can help professionals observe light from supernova explosions that rocked our Milky Way Galaxy hundreds of years ago. The key is to use CCD imaging to…

People, Places, and Events

Telescope Companies Bury Hatchet

A dispute between rival telescope companies has ended with an amicable settlement and a clear definition of "Ritchey-Chrétien."

Stellar Science

A Neutron Star's Hard Core

Astronomers have found some pulsars that appear unusually massive, calling into question our understanding of neutron-star interiors.

Star Clusters near M81 and M82


Stars in the Middle of Nowhere

Astronomers have found several young star clusters that don't belong to any particular galaxy.


Astronomers Find Double Einstein Ring

A unique example of gravitational lensing in the universe gives clues to the distribution of dark matter in galaxies.

Hubble Servicing

Space Missions

High Hopes for Hubble

Preparations are well under way for the August 2008 servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope.

Astronomy and Society

It's Official: 2009 Is the Year of Astronomy

The United Nations' General Assembly has formally proclaimed 2009 the International Year of Astronomy.

Pro-Am Collaboration

Nominations Sought for Amateur Award

The American Astronomical Society (AAS) is now accepting nominations for the Chambliss Amateur Achievement Award.


A Galaxy with the Wrong Shape

A newly discovered dwarf galaxy in Hercules isn't like the millions of other "dwarf spheroidals" known in the universe. It's cigar shaped.

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