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Pro-Am Collaboration

Surprise Outburst of a New Dwarf Nova

A suspected dwarf nova is undergoing its first observed outburst and had reached 9th magnitude as of September 5, 2007. More observations are needed.

Astronomy and Society

A Starry Chemical Imbalance

New high-resolution images of dwarf galaxy IC 10 in Cassiopeia may help resolve an enduring mystery about this star-forming powerhouse.

Pro-Am Collaboration

Map the Moon During Tomorrow's Lunar Eclipse

Please help us accurately map the edge of the Moon by timing occultations of stars during the August 28, 2007, total lunar eclipse.


S&T Unveils New Format and Design

Sky & Telescope's October 2007 issue introduces a new format and design but remains true to its history and mission.

Pro-Am Collaboration

Opportunity to Confirm an Asteroid's Moon

On Tuesday morning, August 21, 2007, observers across much of North America should watch for a possible occultation by asteroid 146 Lucina's satellite.


Bright Galaxies You Can't See

Astronomers have found massive, luminous infrared galaxies 12 billion light-years away. It's not at all clear how they got there.

Pro-Am Collaboration

"New Star" in Vulpecula

On August 8, 2007, variable-star observer Hiroshi Abe discovered a 9th-magnitude nova in Vulpecula. The AAVSO seeks your observations.

Space Missions

Galaxy Monster Mash

Astronomers using a battery of ground- and space-based telescopes have stumbled upon the most massive galaxy smashup ever seen.

Milky Way

Hubble Lifts the Veil

New images from the Hubble Space Telescope show parts of the Veil Nebula in Cygnus in unprecedented detail.

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Stellafane Auction Begins

A spirited bidding war is now under way for two precious artifacts: a prototype 13-mm Nagler eyepiece and Steve O'Meara's Tele Vue Genesis refractor.

People, Places, and Events

Light Pollution = Not Funny

A widely read columnist thinks that a reader's question about all the lost stars is "too funny." Tell us your thoughts.

Al Nagler, John Gallagher, and Steve O'Meara

Astronomy & Observing News

Own a Piece of Astro History

Two precious artifacts — a prototype Nagler eyepiece and Steve O'Meara's Tele Vue Genesis telescope — will be sold to the highest bidders in late July 2007.

Pro-Am Collaboration

Spectacular Occultation and Graze of Regulus

The year's best grazing occultation in North America occurs on June 19-20, 2007, when the waxing crescent Moon covers Regulus (Alpha Leonis).

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SOFIA Takes Flight

NASA's Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy, a telescope-toting 747SP jetliner, has successfully completed its first test flight.

Pro-Am Collaboration

A Bright Naked-Eye Asteroid Occultation

On Tuesday evening, April 17, 2007, observers in Georgia and Florida will get a chance to watch asteroid 411 Xanthe cover the 4.2-magnitude star Iota Cancri.

Pro-Am Collaboration

Call for Observations of X-ray Binaries and CVs

From late April through mid-May 2007, professionals are seeking amateur observations of four X-ray binaries and a cataclysmic variable star.

Pro-Am Collaboration

New Manual for Occultation Observers

The International Occultation Timing Association (IOTA) announced on April 3, 2007, the release of a free e-book, Chasing the Shadow: The IOTA Occultation Observer's Manual.

Jim Manning

Astronomy & Observing News

New Leaders for American Astronomy

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific is getting a new executive director, and the American Astronomical Society has elected its next president.

Astronomy & Observing News

Amateur Astronomer Wins Pros' Accolades

The American Astronomical Society has awarded its first Chambliss Amateur Achievement Medal to Colorado asteroid enthusiast Brian D. Warner.

Press Releases

Leonid Meteor Outburst in the Offing?

Late Saturday night, November 18, 2006, the Leonid meteor shower could produce a spectacular sky show over New York, New England, and eastern Canada.