On August 8th variable-star observer Hiroshi Abe discovered a bright nova in Vulpecula at right ascension 19h 54m 24.64s, declination +20° 52' 51.9" (equinox 2000). Its brightness was then magnitude 9.4. A possible progenitor star is visible on the Palomar Observatory Sky Survey-I plates at a visual magnitude of about 18.

This sounds like an ideal target for northern observers. You can plot the field using the American Association of Variable Star Observers' VSP utility. (Enter the coordinates given above.)

The nova is about 7 arcminutes from SS Vulpeculae, a red Mira-type variable.

Reporting Your Observations

We encourage you to submit your observations of this nova to the AAVSO. See "Submitting Observations to the AAVSO" on our website.

Please check the online version of this AstroAlert on Sky & Telescope's website for possible minor updates.

Any major updates will be announced via subsequent AstroAlert messages. Good luck, and clear skies!

Arne Henden
Director, AAVSO
[email protected]


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