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Illustration of Starlink satellites in grid-like orbits over radio receiver array

Astronomy and Society

A New Hope? Taming the Satellite Swarm

Going by the paperwork, 1 million satellites are headed for the skies. The question is, how many of these are real? New policy may help stem the tide.

Cloudy partial eclipse

Astronomy and Society

Annular Solar Eclipse Dazzles Watchers Across North America

The weekend's solar eclipse dazzled observers throughout the U.S. and Mexico. Sky & Telescope editors and contributing editors report.

BlueWalker 3 satellite panel dwarfs team that built it

Astronomy and Society

The Bright BlueWalker 3 Satellite Threatens Astronomy

The bright BlueWalker 3 satellite, a prototype for the even larger Bluebird satellites, is one of the brightest objects in the sky.

NASA meatball logo

Astronomy and Society

NASA Finds No Evidence UFOs Are Extraterrestrial, Promises Further Study

An independent study shows how NASA can help understand unidentified anomalous phenomena, more colloquially known as UFOs.

Chandrayaan 3

Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

India’s Chandrayaan 3 Lands on the Moon; Russia's Luna 25 Crashes

In a first, India’s Chandrayaan 3 soft-lands in the lunar south pole region of the Moon.

Illustration of Starlink satellites in grid-like orbits over radio receiver array

Astronomy and Society

Unintended Satellite Emission May Harm Radio Astronomy

Satellites’ leakage radiation, now detected for the first time, may become a major problem for radio astronomy, as “megaconstellations” keep on growing.

Astronomy and Society

The Newest and Largest Starlink Satellites Are Also the Faintest

Despite being four times larger than the original Starlink satellites, the new "Mini" version is fainter — as dim as astronomers have recommended such satellites be.

a black dot against a grey background with two white lines on either side

Astronomy and Society

NASA Panel Talks Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena

NASA has held its first public meeting with its panel investigating Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena. The panel will publish a full report in July.

End of journey for NJ meteorite

Solar System

Scientists Confirm: Meteorite Crashed Into New Jersey Home

A rock that crashed through the roof of a house in New Jersey proved to be the real thing — a chunk spalled from a 4.5 billion-year-old asteroid.

Totality in black-and-white shows smokey swirls of corona outside of the Moon's disk

Citizen Science: Projects & Collaboration

The DEB Initiative: How Citizen Scientists Can Help Broadcast Eclipses

A citizen-science project aims to broadcast the eclipses coming up this year and next.

Astronomy and Society

Satellites and Space Debris Are Polluting Our Night Skies

Astronomers are sounding the alarm about low-Earth orbit satellites and space debris as significant contributors to light pollution that will affect even the remotest earthbound stargazer.

Satellite trail passes through galaxy

Astronomy and Society

Satellite Trails Mar Hubble Images

An accounting of satellite streaks across two decades of Hubble Space Telescopes finds their appearance is increasing.

OSIRIS-REx touches down on near-Earth asteroid Bennu in an artist's illustration

Astronomy and Society

Are We Finally on the Cusp of Commercial Asteroid Mining?

Years after initial space-mining ventures went bust, startup AstroForge has announced two missions in 2023 to obtain rare minerals from a near-Earth asteroid.

2023 CX1

Astronomy and Society

Small Asteroid Spotted Hours Before Demise

The swift detection of a small asteroid, and recovery of its surviving fragments, shows we’re getting better at spotting incoming objects.

Trailing plume ejected from bright Dimorphos

Solar System

How Citizen Scientists Are Monitoring the DART Impact's Aftereffects

Observers around the globe are keeping an eye on the asteroid Didymos and its moon Dimorphos to track the long-term effects of the DART mission's impact.

Terence Dickinson

Astronomy and Society

Terence Dickinson (1943 – 2023)

Terence Dickinson, Canadian astronomer and author of numerous popular books on astronomy, has passed away.

Infographic showing increasing skyglow and disappearing stars

Astronomy and Society

Light Pollution Is Increasing Even Faster Than We Realized

The average brightness of the night sky is increasing by 10% every year, making the stars less visible.

Light pollution map for North America

Astronomy and Society

Light Pollution Is Creeping Up on the World's Observatories

Astronomical observatories enjoy some of the world’s darkest night skies. But even there light pollution is spreading, a new study suggests.

Holmdel Horn

Astronomy and Society

Town Votes to Protect the Holmdel Horn That "Heard" the Big Bang

Redevelopment plans could threaten the site that houses the Holmdel Horn, the instrument responsible for hearing the "hiss" of background radiation from the Big Bang.

grey moon landscape with an astronaut walking

Astronomy and Society

Apollo 17 in Pictures: “God Willing, as We Shall Return”

On the 50th anniversary of Apollo 17, we look back at iconic photos as well as rarely seen images from the mission.

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