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Direct and indirect light pollution around Madrid

Spacecraft and Space Missions

ISS Photos Yield "Cities at Night" World Map

Researchers on the ground have combed through a trove of images taken by orbiting astronauts to reveal unprecedented details about light pollution streaming from Earth's major cities.

Yuri Milner's SETI announcement

Astronomy and Society

"Breakthrough Listen": Giant Leap for SETI

A $100 million donation will radically speed up the search for artificial signals from the nearest million stars — and from trillions of much farther stars in the 100 nearest galaxies.

TMT protest on April 2, 2015

Astronomy and Society

More Discord Over Thirty Meter Telescope

Clashes over building the premier telescope in the Northern Hemisphere and preserving Mauna Kea as a sacred site have intensified.

Orion test launch

Spacecraft and Space Missions

Test Flight Success for Orion Spacecraft

On December 5th, NASA successfully launched the first test flight of its Orion capsule. Scheduled to carry astronauts beyond low-Earth orbit in the 2020s, the spacecraft is NASA’s first deep-space people transporter since the Apollo days.

Aerial view of Thirty Meter Telescope

Astronomy and Society

Work Begins on Thirty Meter Telescope

Officials proceeded with groundbreaking ceremonies for the world's largest optical telescope on October 7th amid protests from native Hawaiians who oppose it.

Astronomy and Society

Calling All Amateur Astronomers

NASA’s Night Sky Network is conducting a new survey in order to better help the amateur astronomy community.

Comet hunter Claudine Rinner

People, Places, and Events

Amateur Comet Hunters Get 2013 Award

Now in its 15th year, the Edgar Wilson Award recognizes comet discoveries made by amateur observers. The 2013 awards honor seven dedicated individuals who scan the skies.

Clouds along the occultation path

Celestial News & Events

Global "Fail" for the Big Regulus Cover-up

There was widespread hope that thousands of skywatchers would see the bright star Regulus briefly occulted by an asteroid early on March 20th. In the end, likely <u>no one</u> saw it. Here's why.

Cosmos Studios logo

Astronomy and Society

Dawn of a New Cosmos

A big-budget television series about astronomy &mdash; a much-anticipated sequel to the iconic 1980 original &mdash; debuts this weekend in 174 countries and 47 languages.

Astronomy and Society

Name a Mars Crater with Uwingu

Here’s what you need to know about a new fundraising venture, the race to name 500,000 craters on Uwingu’s Mars map.

Astronomy and Society

A New Year's Resolution

Let's commit to stopping the spread of light pollution, the single greatest threat to our enjoyment of the night sky.

Astronomy and Society

Cassiopeia A in 3D

Explore a supernova remnant with this fun interactive simulation, created from detailed space- and ground-based observations in multiple wavelengths.

Astronomy and Society

New Chelyabinsk Results Yield Surprises

The mega-meteor that exploded over Russia last February has provided impact specialists with some surprising — and sobering — revelations.

Astronomy and Society

Why Do We Call Them "Asteroids"?

When astronomers discovered the first objects orbiting between Mars and Jupiter, at first they didn't know what to call them. Today we know them as asteroids, and the creator of that term has finally been identified.

Solar System

Undue Ado About Asteroid 2013 TV135

The world's news media are making a big deal about a largish near-Earth asteroid discovered on October 8th that has a very slim chance of striking Earth in 2032.

Astronomy and Society

Donate to Eclipse-Glasses Effort

Astronomers Without Borders is raising funds to get 40,000 sets of eye-saving viewers into the hands of African schoolchildren for next month's solar eclipse.

People, Places, and Events

Will BBC Cancel The Sky at Night?

Stargazers in Great Britain learned this week that their beloved broadcast about all things celestial, inaugurated by the late Patrick Moore in 1957, might be canceled at year's end.

Professional Telescopes

17-Day ALMA Strike Ends in Resolution

The 17-day strike at the world’s largest ground-based observatory ended Saturday, and ALMA's revolutionary observations of the millimeter/submillimeter sky restart today.

Celestial News & Events

A True-Blue "Blue Moon"

August's full Moon has come and gone. While it wasn't the second one occurring this month, it was a "Blue Moon" according to a definition dating to the 1930s.

Astronomy and Society

Wanted: More Young Stargazers

The Astronomical League is tackling a serious threat to the future of organized amateur astronomy: a dearth of stargazers in their teens, 20s, and 30s.