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Persian illustration of Pegasus constellation

Astronomy and Society

IAU Standardizes 212 Traditional Star Names

Bringing order to chaos, the International Astronomical Union has approved standardized spellings and designations for the traditional names of 212 bright stars.

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Celestial News & Events

Embracing the "Supermoon," Hyped or Not

Much has been said and written about the Moon's proximity to Earth today. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

daily minor planet, classic view

Astronomy and Society

Daily Alert for Asteroid Flybys

A new e-digest from the International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center gives the public a head’s up on passing asteroids.

The Sun during May 1967 solar flare

Astronomy and Society

1967 Solar Flare Nearly Took U.S. and Soviets to Brink of War

An historical study from former U.S. military officials found that a solar flare was nearly responsible for military conflict with the Soviet Union in May 1967.

Astronomy and Society

Measuring the Impacts of Light Pollution

Light pollution is pervasive, and its impact on people is larger than you might think.

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Astronomy and Stargazing Projects

Celebrate Global Astronomy Month

Join the world’s largest celebration of astronomy — in person or via online webcasts of events — throughout April.

A U.S. Navy officer uses a sextant at sea.

Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

Navy Resumes Celestial Navigation Course

Modern security threats have brought back an old method — celestial navigation — to help U.S. Navy sailors navigate the high seas.

Milky Way from Arches National Park

People, Places, and Events

It's International Dark-Sky Week!

What began as a student's simple idea a decade ago has grown into a worldwide celebration of the night sky and easy ways to reduce light pollution.

Harvard College Observatory

People, Places, and Events

Flood Threatens Photographic Plates

A burst pipe flooded Harvard College’s Observatory Hill, submerging thousands of historic photographic plates underwater. Recovery is now under way.

Canyonlands National Park at night

Astronomy and Society

Help Keep Our Skies Dark — Join IDA Today

It's high time that we amateur astronomers got serious about protecting the night sky from light pollution.

active region 1520


How Astronomers Count Sunspots

A multi-year investigation revealed errors in our understanding of the Sun.

USPS Moon stamp

Astronomy and Society

Solar System Featured on New U.S. Stamps

The U.S. Postal Service has unveiled new stamps, to be issued later this year, that feature 10 solar-system objects — including Pluto.

Artist rendering of 42 Draconis

Stellar Science

New Star and Exoplanet Names OK'd by IAU

Following a wildly popular contest, the International Astronomical Union has named 14 stars and 31 planets that orbit them.

Measuring skyglow in Arizona

Astronomy and Society

Rate the Darkness of Your Sky

A new website shows how light pollution spreads around the globe — using data gathered by its users.

President Obama and Sofia Alvarez-Bareiro

Astronomy and Society

White House Hosts Second Astronomy Night

For the second time during his tenure, President Obama invited amateur astronomers to join him on the South Lawn for an evening of stargazing.

Geoffrey Marcy

Astronomy and Society

Geoff Marcy, Exoplanet Leader in Sexual Harassment Case, Resigns

Geoffrey Marcy, a top figure in exoplanet discovery, sexually pressured and harassed students and researchers for at least a decade.

Direct and indirect light pollution around Madrid

Space Missions

ISS Photos Yield "Cities at Night" World Map

Researchers on the ground have combed through a trove of images taken by orbiting astronauts to reveal unprecedented details about light pollution streaming from Earth's major cities.

Yuri Milner's SETI announcement

Astronomy and Society

"Breakthrough Listen": Giant Leap for SETI

A $100 million donation will radically speed up the search for artificial signals from the nearest million stars — and from trillions of much farther stars in the 100 nearest galaxies.

TMT protest on April 2, 2015

Astronomy and Society

More Discord Over Thirty Meter Telescope

Clashes over building the premier telescope in the Northern Hemisphere and preserving Mauna Kea as a sacred site have intensified.

Orion test launch

Science and Space Policy

Test Flight Success for Orion Spacecraft

On December 5th, NASA successfully launched the first test flight of its Orion capsule. Scheduled to carry astronauts beyond low-Earth orbit in the 2020s, the spacecraft is NASA’s first deep-space people transporter since the Apollo days.