Solar Eclipse in 1900

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Amateur Filmmaker Captured Solar Eclipse — in 1900

In 1900, a man named John Nevil Maskelyne filmed a solar eclipse — the first of its kind.

Spotless Sun

Solar System

Is Our Sun Slowing Down in Its Middle Age?

The Sun, now halfway through its life, might be slowing its magnetic activity, which could lead to permanent changes in the sunspots and auroras we see.

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How Astronomers Count Sunspots

A multi-year investigation revealed errors in our understanding of the Sun.

Save Dark Skies

Jennifer Barlow: Dark-sky Devotee

One person can make a difference, as demonstrated by a high-school student's single-handed effort to help us all appreciate the night sky.

Celestial News & Events

The Geminids: An Exception to the Rule

The source of December's annual Geminid meteor shower is not what you might expect.

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Stardust Checks Out Asteroid Annefrank

A half hour of target practice paves the way for a high-speed dash comet dash in early 2004.

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Cassini's First Look at Saturn

Although its arrival is still more than two years away, the Cassini orbiter is already drawing a bead on its final destination.

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Galileo's Last Rendezvous

The spacecraft that takes a licking and keeps on ticking is about to make its last flyby.


Viewing Mercury at Its Best

Fast-moving Mercury can be elusive. But spotting this sparkling little planet is easy if you know where and when to look.

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Goodbye, Galileo

The intrepid Galileo orbiter has been shut down permanently awaiting its burial into Jupiter's atmopshere.

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Beneath the Spiral

As seen through X-ray eyes, the spiral galaxy M83 is filled with diffuse hot glowing gas and pointlike binary star systems.Courtesy NASA/CXC/R.Soria and K.Wu. Buried deep within the spiral galaxy M83 is a dense and tumultuous star-making factory in a bagel-shaped volume around the galaxy's nucleus. The Chandra X-Ray Observatory…

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Rosetta Grounded by Rocket Worries

Europe's Rosetta spacecraft was supposed to be on its way to Comet Wirtanen by now &$151; but a failure of its launch vehicle last month may keep this spacecraft grounded for years.

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Mystery Trains

Scientists are closer to determining what causes the lingering smoke train behind some meteors.

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Jupiter's Lovers

Eleven of Jupiter's moons have received their official names.

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Pluto Mission Gets Boost in Congress

The prospects for a mission to Pluto look better than ever.

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Space Artists Honored

World-renowned space artists Don Davis and Jon Lomberg have been awarded the prestigious Klumpke-Robert Award by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.

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The Crab's Shimmering Shock Waves

Never-before-seen details in the inner Crab Nebula reveal that the fast-spinning pulsar at its heart is powering a dynamic sequence of events.