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Astronomy and Society

Saturated With Springtime Star Parties?

April 2010 is Global Astronomy Month. This is also International Dark-Sky Week, to be followed later this month by Astronomy Day. Lots of events come and go — but who's participating in them?

People, Places, and Events

Stargaze Locally, Party Globally!

Get ready for a worldwide star party! Global Astronomy Month will feature a host of activities, large and small, throughout April.

Science and Space Policy

Mel's Arecibo Adventure

A globetrotting mascot gets a behind-the-scenes tour of the world's largest single-dish radio telescope.

Astronomy and Society

Stargazing with the Obamas

It was a star-studded Kodak moment: Last night, under clear skies, President and Mrs. Obama did a little stargazing from the White House South Lawn.

Stellar Science

New York Teen Finds Wimpiest Supernova

On November 7, 2008, 14-year-old Caroline Moore of Warwick, New York, discovered a supernova in the galaxy UGC 12682, making her the youngest person ever to find an exploding star.

Astronomy and Society

MIT's Apollo Reunion

At the "Giant Leaps" symposium, an astronaut-studded cast recalled the glory days of human space exploration — and where we might be headed next.


The Chance of Finding Aliens

Frank Drake's famous equation helps to quantify our chance of finding ETs — or at least to pose the essential questions.

Astronomy and Society

Dark Skies 15,300, Light Pollution 0

The fourth annual GLOBE at Night star-counting campaign netted a record number of estimates of the night sky's darkness worldwide.

Astronomy and Society

Hubble Telescope's 19th Birthday

The greatest of NASA's Great Observatories rocketed into space 19 years ago. After a rocky start, it fulfilled its promise as Astronomy's Discovery Machine.

History and Sky Lore

The Case of the Stolen Sundial

During his time at Caltech in the 1930s, Russell Porter cast this beautiful sundial to adorn the campus. But it was stolen sometime during the 1970s — do you know where it is?


Telescopes: Guides & Recommendations

The Amazing $20 Telescope

Sky & Telescope has reviewed innumerable telescopes, and only a handful of the ones that we've tried and liked cost less than $200. Now we're going to recommend a telescope that's selling for $20, and your response is going to be "you're kidding, right?" No, we're not!

Solar System

Meteorites Found from Asteroid 2008 TC3

Last December a determined U.S. researcher traveled to Sudan to recover pieces of an asteroid that slammed into Earth's atmosphere only 19 hours after being spotted. It was a long shot that paid off beyond his wildest dreams.

Astronomy and Society

End of the Line for "Skyline"

After 23 years of providing weekly updates to amateur astronomers, S&T's telephone news service has come to an end. Chalk up a victory for the internet.

Cheap scope

Telescopes: Guides & Recommendations

Cheap Enough for a Cheap Scope?

What value would you put on a cheap scope like this?

People, Places, and Events


Imagine if America's leaders had to have an astronomical background? Sky & Telescope contributing editor David H. Levy has been thinking about that.

People, Places, and Events

A Night of Service

Community service can mean bringing the cosmos down to Earth, as Sky & Telescope contributing editor David H. Levy explains while "On the Road."

Astronomy and Society

A Secret Sneak Peek and Fun for Friday

Psst. Microsoft's virtual observatory," the WorldWide Telescope, is coming to your Web browser.

Astronomy and Society

These Stars Need You

Here's a star-buying scheme we can support.

Astronomy and Society

Time for Another "Leap Second"

For the first time since 2005, the world's official timekeepers will add an extra second to the clock on New Year's Eve.

Harsh lights in residential neighborhood

Astronomy and Society

Light Pollution in the Spotlight

A flurry of articles, editorials, and even Congressional briefings has provided much-needed momentum for the fight against astronomers' Public Enemy #1.