Northern Lights Above Lofoten

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The World at Night's Earth & Sky Photo Contest: The Winners

The winners of the 7th annual Earth & Sky Photo Contest highlight the fragile beauty of our heavens.

Direct and indirect light pollution around Madrid

Spacecraft and Space Missions

ISS Photos Yield "Cities at Night" World Map

Researchers on the ground have combed through a trove of images taken by orbiting astronauts to reveal unprecedented details about light pollution streaming from Earth's major cities.

IAU Closing


At the IAU: New Dwarf Galaxy Neighbors & Dark-Sky Sanctuaries

As the IAU General Assembly in Hawaii'i draws to a close, the results were still coming in: a new bevy of dwarf galaxies discovered around the Milky Way, the celebration of the first Dark-Sky Sanctuary, and a new directly imaged exoplanet to boot.

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Sunspots and Climate Change, Naming Exoplanets, and More from the IAU

Do sunspots affect climate change? How can you name an exoplanet? Here are the latest results from the world's largest astronomy conference.

Shooting Great Nightscapes

Astrophotography: Tips & Techniques

Tips for Shooting Great Nightscapes

Capturing the Earth and sky in one great composition is surprisingly easy.

Protestors at IAU

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Aloha to the World’s Astronomers

Hawai‘i is currently hosting the biggest astronomy conference worldwide, the general assembly of the International Astronomical Union, to address current issues in astronomy.

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Solar Storm Triggers Widespread Auroras

An auroral display on June 22nd surprised and delighted viewers in Northern America, Europe, and southern Australia.

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Best Nightscapes From Across the World

The winners of the 6th International Earth & Sky Photo Contest highlight the natural beauty of the night sky as well as its growing battle with light pollution.

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The World of Astronomy Communicators

Almost 200 science journalists, teachers, photographers, and amateur and professional astronomers met in Warsaw, Poland, to discuss better ways of communicating astronomy with the public.

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TWAN's Earth & Sky Contest Winners

From the city lights nestled between Alpine peaks to a single image that captures stars, an aurora, and a meteor, The World At Night's 2013 astrophoto contest is full of startling vistas.

Astronomy and Society

Capturing the Beauty of the Night Sky

From Comet Lovejoy in the southern skies to the aurora borealis over Iceland, the winners of the 2012 International Earth & Sky Photo Contest find beauty in darkness and show the threat of increasing light pollution.

Astronomy & Observing News

The Central European Deep Sky Imaging Conference

The Biennial CEDIC in Austria brought together hundreds of astrophotographers to share their techniques and imagery.

Astronomy & Observing News

Eclipse Chasers Gather near London

Patrick Poitevin welcomes participants of the 2004 Solar Eclipse Conference, held at the Open University in Milton Keynes, England. Click on the image to see a larger display of this photo.Courtesy Babak A. Tafreshi. From basic eclipse observation tips to complex solar physics, 25 presentations fascinated the more than 100…