Canyonlands National Park at night

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Help Keep Our Skies Dark — Join IDA Today

It's high time that we amateur astronomers got serious about protecting the night sky from light pollution.

Mercury Venus and Moon on February 5th

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With Mercury's Arrival, Five Planets in View

Early risers have been patiently waiting for the innermost planet to join four others — and the Moon — in the predawn sky. Now they're all in view.

Astronomy Travel

The Night of the Blazing Aurora

A group of about 40 intrepid souls from the U.S. and Australia hits pay dirt on a tour of Iceland

Iceland's Northern Lights

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Last Chance to Discover Iceland with S&T!

On October 15, a group of us interested in seeing auroras and in exploring Iceland will meet in Reykjavík, the capital of this unique island. Want to join us?

Astronomy & Observing News

Hold Worlds in Your Hand

Ever wanted to own one — or even all — of Sky & Telescope’s globes? Here’s your chance: Through this Sunday, June 7th, you can take 40% off the price of every globe you purchase.

Aurora borealis over Iceland

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Witness the Northern Lights with S&T

Sky & Telescope is leading its third annual trip to Iceland this fall to explore a unique culture and witness the northern lights. Come join us!