2022 Chile group at VLT

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Observing Chile’s Finest

During October, Editor in Chief Peter Tyson accompanied 19 adventurous skygazers on a 12-day expedition to Chile — the “astronomy capital of the world” — for a tour of breathtaking landscapes and the magnificent southern sky.

illustration of the earth's rotation and the ecliptic

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What Is the Ecliptic?

The ecliptic, simply put, is the plane of Earth’s orbit around the Sun. It extends beyond that to include the seven other planets.

Canyonlands National Park at night

Astronomy and Stargazing Projects

Help Keep Our Skies Dark — Join IDA Today

It's high time that we amateur astronomers got serious about protecting the night sky from light pollution.

Mercury Venus and Moon on February 5th

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With Mercury's Arrival, Five Planets in View

Early risers have been patiently waiting for the innermost planet to join four others — and the Moon — in the predawn sky. Now they're all in view.

Astronomy Travel

The Night of the Blazing Aurora

A group of about 40 intrepid souls from the U.S. and Australia hits pay dirt on a tour of Iceland

Iceland's Northern Lights

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Last Chance to Discover Iceland with S&T!

On October 15, a group of us interested in seeing auroras and in exploring Iceland will meet in Reykjavík, the capital of this unique island. Want to join us?

Astronomy & Observing News

Hold Worlds in Your Hand

Ever wanted to own one — or even all — of Sky & Telescope’s globes? Here’s your chance: Through this Sunday, June 7th, you can take 40% off the price of every globe you purchase.

Aurora borealis over Iceland

People, Places, and Events

Witness the Northern Lights with S&T

Sky & Telescope is leading its third annual trip to Iceland this fall to explore a unique culture and witness the northern lights. Come join us!