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Great Heights Reached with Gaffer Tape

Spectacular photos of Earth’s curvature from the atmosphere are just one balloon and camera click away. Able to reach an altitude of more than 20 miles, so-called space balloons are an inexpensive hobby for those with an eye for the sky.

Keck's twin telescopes

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Closure Looms for Keck Interferometer

With NASA funding ending, astronomers will soon shut down the optical plumbing that links the giant Keck telescopes — the most powerful interferometer of its kind on the planet.

Space Missions

NASA Taps a Rocket Scientist

With probes on the way to the Moon, Mars, and Pluto — and a multibillion-dollar space telescope gobbling up shrinking funds — astronomer and former astronaut John Grunsfeld agrees to take the helm of the space agency's science division.

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ALCon Meets Under Dark Mountain Skies

With bright stars all night and amateur-astronomical enthusiasm all day, America's biggest coalition of astronomy clubs held a bang-up annual convention.

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A Milky Way Masterpiece

Using a deceptively simple setup, Randy Halverson has captured the galaxy's motion across his South Dakota farm with breathtaking beauty and realism.

Full Moon

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The March 19th "Supermoon": Hardly Super

Saturday's full Moon is indeed the closest and biggest in 18 years. But not by enough to notice.

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New Images from Old Data

Find out how Joe DePasquale converted grayscale ESO data into beautiful full-color images as part of the Hidden Treasures competition.

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"Hidden Treasures" Winners Announced

It was challenging to pick the best of the best from among nearly 100 entries. But there's no argument that the melding of raw European Southern Observatory images with amateur astrophotographers' creativity has produced stunning results.

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Night Lights Worsen Smog

New research shows that a sea of nighttime lights plays a role in making the smoggy air over Los Angeles even dirtier than it should be.

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Create Great Images, Win Cool Stuff!

Are you up for a challenge? Work some computer magic on images obtained with the ESO telescopes, and you might win an all-expenses-paid trip to the Very Large Telescope in Chile.

Observatories on Kitt Peak

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Darkness Still Reigns Over Kitt Peak

Since astronomers started calling Tucson home in 1958, the city's population has quadrupled to more than 500,000. Yet the night sky above the observatories on nearby Kitt Peak is as dark now as it was 20 years ago.

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"And the Winner Is..."

Most of us are just casual skygazers. But each year several amateur astronomers are honored for their true passion and dedication at awards ceremonies across the U.S.

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Stellafane at its Best

There's star parties and star parties — and then there's Stellafane. Inaugurated in 1926, the Stellafane Convention is probably the longest-running star party in North America, if not the world.

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The August Mars Hoax Is Back

No, Mars will not shine as big and bright as the full Moon. But you can't stop a good e-mail chain letter, now in its eighth year.

Solar System

A KBO in the Crosshairs

When an enigmatic object in the distant Kuiper Belt occulted a star last October, an international team of observers — including several amateur astronomers — were ready and waiting.

History and Sky Lore

Closure for Copernicus

More than 4½ centuries after his death in 1543, Nicholas Copernicus received a hero's acclaim as his remains were interred in Frombork, Poland.

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A New Do-It-Yourself SETI Project

The Allen Telescope Array is swallowing terabytes of celestial radio data in the ongoing hunt for alien signals from space. The SETI Institute is about to hand out the data to anyone with ideas for new ways to sift it.

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Saturated With Springtime Star Parties?

April 2010 is Global Astronomy Month. This is also International Dark-Sky Week, to be followed later this month by Astronomy Day. Lots of events come and go — but who's participating in them?

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Stargaze Locally, Party Globally!

Get ready for a worldwide star party! Global Astronomy Month will feature a host of activities, large and small, throughout April.

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Mel's Arecibo Adventure

A globetrotting mascot gets a behind-the-scenes tour of the world's largest single-dish radio telescope.