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Space Missions

Hubble to Transition to New Observing Mode, Will Continue Science

NASA engineers are working to extend operations for the venerable space telescope. Observations are expected to continue by mid-June.


Space Missions

Whirlwind Chang’e 6 Mission Collects Lunar Samples, Heads Back Home

China Chang’e 6 mission has landed on the Moon and is now set to perform another first: a sample return from the lunar farside.


Astronomy in Space with David Dickinson

Voyager 1 (and Half Its Instruments) Are Back Online

Voyager 1 is once again returning data from two of four science instruments onboard.


Space Missions

China's Chang'e 6 Mission Heads to the Moon

China’s ambitious Chang’e 6 mission will attempt to return a sample from the lunar farside.

ISS Eclipse

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See Amazing Views of the April 8th Total Solar Eclipse from Space

Millions of viewers were wowed by last week’s total solar eclipse. Now, we get to see the eclipse from another angle: space.

Space Missions

An Early End for the Chandra X-Ray Observatory?

NASA budget constraints could wind down operations of the iconic Chandra X-Ray Observatory.


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Odysseus Lander Is on the Moon

Odysseus has become the first mission of NASA's Commercial Lunar Payload Services program to soft-land on the Moon.


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Japan's Lunar Lander Wakes Up (Again!)

The Japanese space agency has reestablished contact with its SLIM lunar lander prior to sunset, enabling mission science to continue.

Intuitive Machines launch photo

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The Nova-C Lander Launches for the Moon

The second Commercial Lunar Payload Services mission of 2024 IM-1 Nova-C heads Moonward.

Detailed image shows volcanoes on Io's surface

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NASA's Juno Mission Makes Closest Flyby Past Io

Juno has revealed Jupiter's volcanic moon Io as never before.


Space Missions

NASA Ends Mars Ingenuity Helicopter Mission

NASA’s ground-breaking Ingenuity helicopter, part of the Perseverance mission, comes to a rest on the Red Planet.

SLIM landing (art)

Space Missions

Japan's "Sniper" Mission Pinpoints Landing on the Moon — Then Shuts Down

In a first for Japan, the SLIM mission stuck a pinpoint landing on the Moon. How long the mission lasts depends on whether the solar cells begin charging.


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China Launches Einstein X-ray Observatory

China’s Einstein Probe, an X-ray astronomy mission, heads to orbit.

Peregrine Mission On

Space Missions

Peregrine Mission Launches Successfully, But Misses the Moon

The first launch of the United Launch Alliance Vulcan-Centaur rocket attempted to send Peregrine Mission One moonward, but a propulsion problem has likely stymied that goal.

Europa Clipper

Space Missions

Top Space Missions to Watch for in 2024

Humans' return to cis-lunar space and a flagship spacecraft to Europa are among the missions to come in 2024.


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First Launch of 2024: India Flies New X-Ray Satellite

ISROs XPoSat will unlock the secrets of the X-ray universe.


Solar System

As an Asteroid-Hunting Mission Approaches Its End, What's Next?

The pioneering NEOWISE observatory celebrates a milestone, even as the end of the mission draws near.


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Samples of Asteroid Ryugu Show Signs of Ancient Water

The distribution of elements seen in the samples of Ryugu brought back by Hayabusa 2 hints at a wet past.

Theia Impact

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Bits of Theia Might Be in Earth's Mantle

A "smoking gun" for the ancient calamity that formed Earth’s large Moon may still exist deep in the mantle of our planet.


Solar System

First Look at Material from Asteroid Bennu on the Ground

The Osiris-REX sample collection team reveals the first look at material collected from the asteroid Bennu.

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