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Amateur Astronomy on TV

Don't miss Timothy Ferris's ode to amateur astronomy, which airs on PBS stations throughout the US on Wednesday night.

Astronomy and Society

Great Offer, Great Cause

Until November 1st, astronomy-club members can join the International Dark-Sky Association and help fight light pollution for about the cost of a large, three-topping pizza — and the IDA is better for you!

Solar System

The Source of the Dinosaurs' Asteroid

Did a colossal collision in the asteroid belt 160 million years ago doom the dinosaurs? A just-published analysis argues strongly for exactly that.


A Starry Chemical Imbalance

New high-resolution images of dwarf galaxy IC 10 in Cassiopeia may help resolve an enduring mystery about this star-forming powerhouse.

Astronomy and Society

Google's Star Map Has Arrived

Google Earth just got cooler, again!

Astronomy and Society

State Your Purpose

A collection of interesting views about the universe.

Space Missions

The Red Planet We Never Knew

A new DVD entertains with a 50-year-old look at Mars.

Astronomy and Society

Morphology @ Home

Thousands of people have signed up to study galaxies.

Northeast at Night

Astronomy and Society

Google Earth @ Night

Light pollution has never been so fun to explore.

Astronomy and Society

The Economics of Impacts

Can't have enough of people thinking about the threat of asteroids.

Astronomy Online with Stuart Goldman

It's About Time

A visit to the US Naval Observatory.

Astronomy and Society

Entry Form for S&T Astronomy Day Award

The latest version of the S&T Astronomy Day Award entry form is available on the Astronomical League's website.

Astronomy and Society

The S&T Astronomy Day Award

Each year, one club or organization is recognized for its successful efforts in promoting Astronomy Day.

Solar Astronomy

Astronomy and Society

Countdown to Astronomy Day 2006

Mark your calendars! This year's Astronomy Day festivities take place May 6th.

Astronomy and Society

Astronomy Outreach Survey Online

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific and the Astronomical League have teamed up to produce a survey on astronomical public outreach.

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