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Astronomy and Society

"Seeing" Again

PBS will have encore presentations of Timothy Ferris's ode to amateur astronomy.

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That's Infotainment!

Watch a talk from Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Astronomy and Society

Microsoft Launches Astronomy Software

Software giant Microsoft wants to show you the universe with its WorldWide Telescope.

Solar System

Apophis ad Absurdum

Was it a simple misunderstanding, sensationalist reporting, or an outright hoax? Whatever the answer, a recent story about a German student embarrassing NASA's asteroid experts shows how little mass-media reporters know about basic science — and how unlikely they are to check the facts.

Astronomy and Society

Lights Out, Everyone!

It's National Dark-Sky Week, a time to take stock of how badly your nighttime environment has been overrun with poor-quality lighting — and a time to do something about it!

Astronomy and Society

Notes from the Weekend

A site for streaming TV shows has an astronomical bonus. Plus, a couple of other things.

Astronomy and Society

Microsoft's Virtual Observatory

A new contender in astronomical software is coming from the other giant software company in the universe.


Still Looking for Aliens

SETI@home is gearing up for a fresh influx of data.

People, Places, and Events

Landscapes at Night, What a Delight

Earth's beautiful and historical places serve as foregrounds for the starry sky.

People, Places, and Events

It's Official: 2009 Is the Year of Astronomy

The United Nations' General Assembly has formally proclaimed 2009 the International Year of Astronomy.

People, Places, and Events

Watch Winter Arrive

Finally, a live webcast of the solstice sunrise.

People, Places, and Events

New Astro Radio and Podcasts

Improve your mind with some science-related audio.

Astronomy and Society

Earth at Night: Not a Pretty Sight

Rosetta's nighttime snapshots of the Eastern Hemisphere show that the fight against light pollution has a long way to go.

Astronomy and Society

Aurora Stamps Have Appeal

The US Postal Service has just rolled out an attractive pair of stamps that feature photos of the northern and southern lights.

Astronomy and Society

Let's Count Stars!

Researchers want you to help them examine the pervasiveness of light pollution during October.

Astronomy and Society

Amateur Astronomy on TV

Don't miss Timothy Ferris's ode to amateur astronomy, which airs on PBS stations throughout the US on Wednesday night.

Astronomy and Society

The Source of the Dinosaurs' Asteroid

Did a colossal collision in the asteroid belt 160 million years ago doom the dinosaurs? A just-published analysis argues strongly for exactly that.

Astronomy and Society

Great Offer, Great Cause

Until November 1st, astronomy-club members can join the International Dark-Sky Association and help fight light pollution for about the cost of a large, three-topping pizza — and the IDA is better for you!

Astronomy and Society

A Starry Chemical Imbalance

New high-resolution images of dwarf galaxy IC 10 in Cassiopeia may help resolve an enduring mystery about this star-forming powerhouse.

Astronomy and Society

Google's Star Map Has Arrived

Google Earth just got cooler, again!