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Celestial News & Events

International Observe the Moon Night 2019

Observe the first-quarter Moon on October 5 for International Observe the Moon Night. Here's a guide to tell you what to look for.

Astronomy and Society

Official Names Approved for 86 More Stars

The International Astronomical Union has given its official approval for 86 star names, following up on last year's announcement of 227 official star names.

USPS Totality Forever Stamp

People, Places, and Events

U.S. Forever Stamp to Feature Amateur Astrophotos

The U.S. Postal Service's new Total Eclipse Forever stamp will feature photos by the well-know eclipse expert Fred Espenak, who is also a master of many different kinds of astrophotography.


Astronomy and Society

The Year 2016 Will Be One Second Longer

Do you think 2016 has seemed unusually long? An international agency has decided to make it even longer.

Persian illustration of Pegasus constellation

Astronomy and Society

IAU Standardizes 212 Traditional Star Names

Bringing order to chaos, the International Astronomical Union has approved standardized spellings and designations for the traditional names of 212 bright stars.

Follow R CrB's changing light

Learning About the Sky

Star Charts: A Vital Resource for Learning the Night Sky

Our Constellation Basics webinar provides background information about the major winter constellations. Here are some accompanying online resources.

A Big Dob at the StarLight Festival

People, Places, and Events

A Tale of Two Star Festivals

Two star parties in late May, including one of the biggest in the world, drew together beginners and experienced astronomers alike.

telescopes big and small

Choosing Your Astronomy Equipment

What to Know Before Buying a Telescope

Looking through a telescope introduces you to a whole new world of unexpected wonders. But telescopes come in a huge range of sizes and shapes. Here's a detailed, printable guide to the essential features that every good scope needs to have.

SkyWeek TV April 28 - May 4, 2014

SkyWeek TV Archive

Last Month for SkyWeek TV

April 2014 will be the last month covered by Sky & Telescope's wildly popular SkyWeek TV show.

Celestial News & Events

Uranus and Neptune in 2014

Uranus and Neptune are easy to find with the aid of the charts in this article.

Comet 209P on May 24, 2014

Celestial News & Events

Catch a Comet Buzzing Earth

On Thursday, May 29th, Comet 209P/LINEAR will pass just 5 million miles (8 million km) from Earth, one of the closest comet approaches in history.

Celestial News & Events

Ceres and Vesta in 2014

The two brightest asteroids are very close to each other in the sky in 2014, fitting in a single field of view through binoculars and some telescopes.

Celestial News & Events

Quadrantid Meteors Ring in 2014

Start the new year right by viewing an excellent but short-lived meteor shower, called the Quadrantids, which peaks on Friday, January 3rd.

Celestial News & Events

See Venus's Thin Crescent

Venus usually appears pretty boring through a telescope. But from mid-December to mid-February it's a spectacularly long, thin crescent.

Comet Lovejoy on November 30th

Celestial News & Events

Lovely Comet Lovejoy

Comet ISON has come and gone, but lovely Comet Lovejoy (C/2013 R1) is still going strong. It is now at or near peak brightness, and well placed in the Northern Hemisphere's predawn sky.

Celestial News & Events

Comet ISON Comes to Life!

Veteran comet observer John Bortle reports that Comet ISON is undergoing a major outburst. It was six times brighter when he observed it this morning (November 14th) than on the previous morning.

Comet Lovejoy

Celestial News & Events

The Other Great Morning Comet

While Comet ISON is brightening rapidly, Comet Lovejoy (C/2013 R1) is far more impressive right now, and also much better placed in the sky. It's shown here passing Messier 44, the Beehive Cluster.


How to Stay Warm at Night

It's easy to stay warm on cold winter nights if you dress appropriately — and take a few common-sense precautions.

Celestial News & Events

Nova Delphini 2013

Nova Delphini 2013 was discovered on August 14th, peaked two days later at magnitude 4.4, and by early November was down to magnitude 11.

Celestial News & Events

The Eclipses of May 2013

May 2013 features an annular solar eclipse that's visible from extraordinarily little land area and a penumbral lunar eclipse that isn't visible at all.

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