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Celestial News & Events

Sun Worship in Cambridge

On a few days each year, sunlight shines all the way down an 825-foot-long corridor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a phenomenon that has been dubbed MIThenge.

People, Places, and Events

Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln

On February 12th, the United States celebrates the 200th birthday of the country's 16th president. Discover how celestial events highlighted his life.

Solar System

Let's Google Mars

The world's most fascinating mapping utility now works on another planet.

Cheap scope

Astronomy and Society

Cheap Enough for a Cheap Scope?

What value would you put on a cheap scope like this?


Exoplanets Imaged at Last

Christian Marois (left) and Paul Kalas (right) led the teams that acquired the first extrasolar-planet images that are likely to stand the test of time.David Lafreniere (left) and Paul Kalas (right)For most of its history, the study of extrasolar planets has been rife with false alarms. Because of the claimed…


Abraham Lincoln's Celestial Connections

Abraham Lincoln (1809–65) may not fully qualify as an amateur astronomer, but some celestial events during his life were noteworthy.US Library of CongressIn this, the year celebrating the 200th birthday of Abraham Lincoln, Donald W. Olson and Laurie E. Jasinski summarize several celestial connections to the United States's 16th president…

Astronomy and Society

A Secret Sneak Peek and Fun for Friday

Psst. Microsoft's virtual observatory," the WorldWide Telescope, is coming to your Web browser.

Astronomy and Society

These Stars Need You

Here's a star-buying scheme we can support.

Equipment: Guides & Recommendations

In Style with S&T

We're pleased to announce our new store for S&T-themed clothing and products.

Astronomy and Society

Speaking of the VLT

Next month, James Bond heads to Chile's Very Large Telescope. That can't be good.

Professional Telescopes

Big Scope TV Alert!

The National Geographic Channel provides an up-close look at the Very Large Telescope.

Astroweather Panel


Observing Forecasts for All!

No matter where you observe from, now you can get an astronomical weather forecast.

NASA logo

History and Sky Lore

NASA Turns 50: Take a Photo!

The U.S. space agency was founded 50 years ago today. You can celebrate by finding your favorite NASA photograph.

People, Places, and Events

Best in League

The Astronomical League has announced its best webmaster for 2008.

Astronomy and Society

"Seeing" Again

PBS will have encore presentations of Timothy Ferris's ode to amateur astronomy.

Space Missions

GLAST Ready to Go

Next week, NASA will launch its latest space observatory to provide our best look at the most powerful beacons in the universe.

Astronomy and Society

That's Infotainment!

Watch a talk from Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Space Missions

Matter of Scale

Some ways to get your head around cosmic orders of magnitude.

Astronomy and Society

Microsoft Launches Astronomy Software

Software giant Microsoft wants to show you the universe with its WorldWide Telescope.

People, Places, and Events

Using a Telescope Mount to Watch Baseball

An interesting use for a computerized mount.

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