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Celestial Events

Eclipse Bulletins Available

Details of the next total solar eclipses are yours for the mailing.

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Celestron Teams Up with Google

Celestial audio tours from Celestron are part of the latest Google Sky update.

Distant Pioneer

Space Missions

"Pioneer Anomaly" Solved?

The first spacecraft to reach the outer solar system have been mysteriously slowing down for decades. Put aside the exotic explanations; it may be just a matter of heat.

People, Places, and Events

Navigation Gathering

Stargazing's neglected cousin will be celebrated at a historical locale.

Astronomy and Society

Notes from the Weekend

A site for streaming TV shows has an astronomical bonus. Plus, a couple of other things.

Solar System

Comet Hale-Bopp Still Lives

It's nearly as far away as Neptune, but the frozen gas in the Great Comet of 1997 is still melting.

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Google Sky Now on the Web

Google's interactive sky map has been released in Web-browser form.

Space Missions

A Rich Protoplanetary Soup

Infrared observations reveal a star with a protoplanetary disk infused with helpful organic compounds.

Astronomy & Observing News

What's in a Name?

A well-known astronomical tool has a new name, but everything else is the same.

Astronomy and Society

Microsoft's Virtual Observatory

A new contender in astronomical software is coming from the other giant software company in the universe.

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Gadget News

What's that on my iPod?

Professional Telescopes

UK Restores Gemini Commitment

British astronomers won't have to do without the services of Gemini Observatory. Future funding issues nevertheless remain.

Space Missions

NASA Wants You!

The US space agency wants to give its soon-to-be-launched gamma-ray observatory a new name, and it has opened the floor for nominations. Do you have the perfect moniker for the next Great Observatory?

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We made some tweaks to our website.

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Earthless Google Sky

Web star maps based on Google Maps are on their way.

People, Places, and Events

Darth Meets Physicists

Is teleportation possible? Sort of. But it's still fun to think about.

Professional Telescopes

Can Dunlap Obervatory Be Saved?

David Dunlap Observatory, north of Toronto, has many supporters that don't want to see it go.

History and Sky Lore

More Google Sky Goodness

Google's interactive star map has a bunch of new features.


Still Looking for Aliens

SETI@home is gearing up for a fresh influx of data.

X-ray Sun

Astronomy & Observing News

That Was the Year that Was

As 2007 fades into history, we look back at some of the major stories SkyandTelescope.com covered over the past year.