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Full Moon

Space Missions

Moon Madness

For love or money, the Moon awaits you.

People, Places, and Events

Amateur Astronomy on TV

Don't miss Timothy Ferris's ode to amateur astronomy, which airs on PBS stations throughout the US on Wednesday night.

Solar System

Close-up on Iapetus

NASA's Cassini spacecraft zoomed in to take detailed pictures and other measurements of one of Saturn's weirdest moons.

Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast

Listen to Our September Podcast

This month's podcast explores how there still plenty of summer's stars to view even as we transition to autumn.

Professional Telescopes

Rings of Uranus on Edge

For the first time since the rings of Uranus were discovered, astronomers are studying their edge-on view.


Whole Lot of Nothing

A billion light-year-wide "hole" in space is a very cold and empty place.

Solar System

Icy Shower Poses No Threat for Cassini

Scientists are confident that the towering ice geysers on Saturn's moon Enceladus shouldn't harm the Cassini spacecraft during a close flyby next March.

Astronomy and Society

Google's Star Map Has Arrived

Google Earth just got cooler, again!

Astronomy and Society

State Your Purpose

A collection of interesting views about the universe.

History and Sky Lore

The Red Planet We Never Knew

A new DVD entertains with a 50-year-old look at Mars.


Morphology @ Home

Thousands of people have signed up to study galaxies.

Astronomy Online with Stuart Goldman

Scope Calculator Applet Added

Try out a new addition to our suite of interactive observing tools.

Northeast at Night

Astronomy and Society

Google Earth @ Night

Light pollution has never been so fun to explore.

Space Missions

Coming Soon: Hi-Res Lunar Images

Photos by the Apollo astronauts are getting the star treatment.

Professional Telescopes

ESO's Sweet Ride

Astronomers unveil the latest thing in transporting giant telescopes.

Telescope Control

Equipment: Guides & Recommendations

Handy Controller

Even Harry Potter would enjoy this method of steering a scope.


Why So Lopsided?

A star 150 light-years away is surrounded by a disk of debris that might indicate that hidden planets are throwing their weight around.

Astronomy and Society

The Economics of Impacts

Can't have enough of people thinking about the threat of asteroids.


Chaos in the Early Solar System

The orbits of the giant planets were moved by the interaction of trillions of small icy bodies.


Big Checks for Astronomers

Two teams of astronomers have won $500,000 for revealing that the universe is growing bigger at an ever increasing rate.